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International Moon/Mars Missions....

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Mr. Anderson, May 4, 2004.

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    Mr. Anderson


    Makes a lot of sense, just in terms of trying to show that its not an US vs. THEM mentality. And theoretically its a good idea - but if its run the same way the ISS was, it will be another disaster.... :rolleyes:

    You'd have to ask all who want to participate to put up the funding up front (maybe even 2 times the amount for the overruns :D) and then see who plays along...

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    I think we (the world) should try to colonize the moon/Mars, because, well... we can't live on this planet forever, and look at all the other great civilizations, they fell because they were not looking into the future. Basically hard work pays off later and lazyness pays off now. Thats what America is turnig into, we can't do something unless it pays off within the week of the bill being signed; and I fear that is what is going to happen. After the Columbia disaster, it makes me sick to hear people say 'now that people are dying in space, we have no place in it.' To me that translates to F*** NASA! Give the money educational department (just like people say 'screw the military, give the all money to well fair' -- if that happens I guarntee that tommorow the US will NOT exisist.).

    Sorry, a little off topic,
    But I think going to and colonizing the moon/Mars is an exellent idea! :)
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    Great news Mr. Anderson. I always appreciate your up to date technical posts. You are correct the funding should be up front. We have two disasters when it comes to International funding the UN & ISS. :rolleyes:

    I think that if this is a bold initiative and with great vision, then the world might buy into the project. Hopefully art can become reality, it worked in "Star Trek."

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    It would indeed be more practical to make it a multi-national effort. But as an American, I have too much pride in what our nation's accomplished, and I'd hate to see us have to lean on others to get the job done.

    However we do it, there are practical benefits to colonizing the moon and Mars: the soil on both worlds is fertile. Imagine how many people we could feed if we could start building greenhouses out there?
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    something bad will happen before this could ever get off the ground. international can't work because of to many problems like funding. i'd like to see colonization on the moon though. :)
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    Mr. Anderson

    If we don't do something soon, corporations will be taking over the manned exploration of space. And that's possibly even worse than NASA or and international effort.

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    To the Moon Alice! to the Moon!

    I think we should concentrate on going back to the moon first. Then off to Mars. A return to the apollo days would be very welcome.

    Everyone is worried about manufacturing jobs being lost, well this is the fastest way to get them all back. If we do not stand up and send people back to the moon and to Mars then there will be entire generations that will question our motives about what was done over the last 40 years.
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    Jane Doe...

    I believe your statement is actually in tune with what the administration is planning. Get back to the moon, then start focusing on Mars.

    I could see the possibility of even building the Mars ship on the moon and then launching it from there. It could cut down on the distance to travel and it would be much easier to launch such a large vessel from the moon than the earth. Altho they may just build the thing in earth orbit anyway. I'll be in my late 60s when this is planned. I hope I'm around to see it, and I hope it's the US only.
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    Mr. Anderson

    getting to the moon would be just as difficult in terms of building a ship for Mars. You'd have to set up a manufacturing facility on the Moon, not simple.

    The best way for both Moon and Mars trips is to assemble the ships in Earth orbit. All the mechanical, electrical equipment will be made on Earth and a couple trips to some near earth asteroids for water for fuel would be the easiest.

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    Next generation SST!!!

    The current shuttle fleet is old technology. We need a 21st century way to get to space.

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