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Internet on G3 IBOOK

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by TheG3Guy, Aug 26, 2008.

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    i know g3 ibooks are old but its all i want to spend. can the internet run smoothly- youtube, ads, etc,,,, on an ibook g3 slower than than 800MHz? thanks
  2. TEG
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    I would say that in most cases you should be fine, but playing flash games is pretty much out of the question, and you MUST let Flash Videos (like on YouTube) buffer before watching.

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    Depending on the state of the OS, you might be limited to unacceptably old browsers as well. I know I am.
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    yes i wa thinking of either the 800, 700, or 600MHz...and id put tiger and safari 3. or firefox. all id need it to do is not lag too much on webpages from ads and run youtube
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    I'd recommend install Panther(10.3). Tiger is heavier on resources due to Dashboard and Spotlight running in the background the whole time. Other than spotlight and dashboard, there isn't much different between it and Panther.

    I'm running 10.3 on a 333mhz iBook G3 with 192mb of ram and it runs most internet sites well, but doesn't really play youtube videos - the audio works fine, but the video is always super choppy.

    I'd imagine with a faster than 333mhz processor and more ram, it'd be fine.
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    It works fine for general internet and video viewing use.

    However resources can occasionally become rather drained indeed, which can be a pain. But 90% of the time you'll be enjoying your internet experience.
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    My 900mhz g3 ibook ran youtube and some of the disney kids sites pretty well. I had Tiger on mine and also 640mb ram(maxed) which is highly recommended. It was a nice computer and I used Firefox instead of Safari, much better IMHO.

    The 800-900 also featured 32mb of video ram if I'm not mistaken.
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    I have an iBook G3 i don't use anymore because i have my Macbook Now.
    When i was using my iBook G3 it was 500Mhz 320Mb of ram and a 10GB hard Drive Mac OS X 10.4.11.
    When i was using it i had now problems using Youtube or miniclip or any anything like. it was good for everything. The internet speed all depend on what type of internet connection u are using. I was using safari and firefox I found safari better
    Hope this helps.


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    My dad has an old white G3 iBook, mainly for MS Word and internet. It works great. Internet is a little slow, but just fine. But don't expect to run the latest version of Safari. Firefox 3, I don't know.

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