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Internet Radio for iPhone and iPod Touch

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 11, 2008.

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    GCap Media has launched a new mobile website that provides iPhone and iPod Touch users a way to listen to live radio over the internet.

    The new site launched at MusicRadio.com provides a mobile Safari optimized browsing experience that allows users to listen to live radio streamed over the internet. 5 stations are presently offered from the London based company:

    Capital 95.8 - hits and new music
    Xfm - interviews, rock, highlights from the Top 20
    Choice FM - hip hop and R&B
    Classic FM - classical music
    Gold - classic hits

    The service also provides users to see the last 5 tracks played and buy them through iTunes on your iPhone. In our brief testing, the service worked quite well with good quality through Wifi.

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    The concept here is totally cool! Now if they would just let me pause and rewind the Radio too (like TIVO).

    The challenge is going to be how this is delivered... of course, you can't be walking or driving around with WiFi access to listen. But I still love this concept and think this is one of the areas that Apple needs to exploit and expand on more - doing so would take the iPod line to a new level changing the playing field once again for MP3 players.

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    Yeah! Really! Works great. I don't know if I'd ever use this, but it's a good demo of what can be done!

    All this free bandwidth for YouTube and now Radio, yet our tiny SMS messages are (artificially) limited.
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    Yup - a central list from Apple of iPod-compatible radio streams would be a really useful app (or a good idea for someone else to do once the SDK comes out, maybe?). Not much of a fan of the stations featured, but the idea's a good one...
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    It just about works on Edge too...

    This about the single best innovation Gcap has done for years. I remember giving a presentation there a few years ago talking about building a site that linked to stores to buy the track you just heard as a revenue generator, and there didn't seem to be any buy-in at all, so it's come a bit out of the blue.

    But a very welcome surprise.

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    I'm glad it has XFM on it or I wouldn't have cared.

    This is going to get a lot of use

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    nope, that gets into royalty battles... and how many times does the station have to pay the artist for that song play....

    there are pretty strict rules on internet radio about that kinda thing... pandora.com (a great site!) talks about that some.
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    Satellite Internet Radio?

    Can the Sirius/XM stream be accessed on the iPhone/Touch via WiFi? I access my satellite internet radio from my home computer now. Would be nice to take it with me around the home or office. If not, is this a possibility soon?
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    You know... sometimes you just have to try it. :) For some goofy reason when I read UK... I assumed it would not work in the US... silly me!

    Anyway.. I tried it... seems to have some quirkiness to it, and one annoying feature.... when your iPhone sleeps... the connection is lost! Yikes! Still this is cool and I'll have to play some more to see if I have a setting wrong.
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    Oh if only the BBC would move away from realplayer etc for some qt. Would gain them instant easy points until their mac compatible iPlayer comes out. Simple. Easy. Ideal. Unlikely.
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    How is this any different from FlyTunes?
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    XFM!!!! THE HOME OF KARL PILKINGTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cool:
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    :D yep, he's a genius
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    Streaming radio - excellent idea! :)
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    I just would like an AM radio player for my iPod or iPhone. Is that possible?
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    I'ved been running Tversity media server on my windows box, along with uxm and usirius to allow mw to listen to live XM and Sirius satellite radio at work on my touch, where I can't get the satellite signals. as well as many radio stations I have manually added to the library
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    This works perfectly for me over Edge (Atlanta, GA)! I've been hoping for something like this for a long time. Let's hope for more stations in time.
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    Well... then they are going to get into royalty battles... this service does allow you to pause and rewind. Just Like I was asking for.

    Honestly, I don't see what the issue is... I understand the royalty issue, but recording TV and Radio has been out there for years... how is pausing and rewinding any different than that?
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    Hummm... I really can't get it to work all that well... even on my WiFi... when the iPhone sleeps... I'll loose the feed for the station... so I assume I'm loosing my internet connection when the iPhone sleeps... do I have a setting wrong somewhere???

    Looking for some answers if anyone has any suggestions. :D
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    Mine did that a couple of times as well but now it is working perfectly even while it is in sleep mode...perhaps there are still a few quirks to work out which is to be exoected...all in all a brilliant new function IMO...Cheers to GCap! :)
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    Promising but drops connection every minute or so

    I was able to get this to work over both WiFi and EDGE, but it seems to last only about a minute and then the playback stops. I suspect it has something to do with power management on the iPhone and it could simply be that the iPhone isn't designed to hold an internet stream indefinitely. Also, the sound quality was somewhat suspect. If my results are typical I don't think I could use it to listen to music, maybe talk radio and news but not music.
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    I played it for about 20 minutes on edge, in sleep mode, before it stopped.

    It appears as though the "streaming" is done by having the iPhone download a huge file (4 hours long) that the server is writing on the fly.

    This means the iphone is likely caching the file as it downloads. Perhaps it's stopping once the phone runs out of memory, because I doubt it has any idea to delete the file as it goes.
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    How about using their 'embedded' player (the one that pops up from their website)? Will it work on the ipod touch?

    EDIT: obviously, the realplayer plug-in is required, and until RealMedia comes up with one compatible with the touch's architecture and/or the helix people do the same (and also manage to install it successfully), there's no chance of it happening.
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    I'm sure you could get your SMS' for free if you allow for advertising on each message and message creator/sender.

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