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internet/router problem on g4

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by laidbackliam, Nov 11, 2006.

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    so, i just moved to chicago, and we got internet set up through comcast.

    i hooked up my wireless router, and it works fantastic on my macbook pro. however, on my powermac g4, i can't load anything, even the router ip address. does anyone have any idea as to how i can get this to work properly? at my old place everything worked. I have a feeling its just a simple setting, but I don't know what setting it would be.

    thanks much
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    Could you provide more info concerning your network settings? Do you use Dynamic IP or static? Does your powerbook get an IP from the router or not? How does it compare to the settings on the mbp?
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    both get ip's, but when i try to load any webpage on the powermac, it just says the server has stopped responding.

    according to my router set up, its a dynamic ip.

    i have the settings set the same way on the powermac as on the mbp.
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    Could you post here both the Local IP Addresses of the two machines as well as the local IP address of the router? Try as well to ping (from Terminal) the router and see what happens?
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    router =
    pm = .2
    mbp = .3

    i'm not big on using terminal commands, how would i ping the router?
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    Open Terminal and type ping
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    the macbook pro got 56 data bytes

    the powermac..... also got 56 data bytes.

    funny thing is, i can network to the powermac, so i know the router works. i have a feeling its just one stupid setting. right now, i'm even transferring video files to the powermac. but the g4 just can't load a webpage.
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    what happens when you type ping www.google.com from the powermac?
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    on the powermac, it comes up as saying "no route to host"

    that looks like it would be important.
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    for the google ping, it sees itsays it gets 56 databytes, does not say "no path to router".
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    hmmm. Make sure you don't have any proxy set in the network settings and make sure the PPPoE is disabled.
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    you are awesome.

    there were two proxies set "web proxy" and "secure web proxy".

    what those do, i don't know, but i am now fully set up.

    thanks so much for taking the time to help me out. now i can shut my laptop down at night when i want to run torrents or rip dvds via handbrake.

    and with a 350 mhz g4, that takes a WHILE.
    thanks again!
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    You are welcome :cool:. Macrumors at your service :D

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