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Invalid JPGs

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Howard Brazee, Dec 28, 2006.

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    Howard Brazee

    When I start iTunes, it spends some time trying to synchronize my files. It finds a picture that it doesn't like and tells me:

    Some of your photos, including the photo "GGpa, GGma, Gma,
    Hayden Sarah waiting for bat flight DCP_1532.JPG", were not
    copied to the iPod 'brazee's iPod" because they cannot be
    displayed on your iPod.

    So I find that file, and edit it with Paint (I'm on a XP machine), save it, move it elsewhere, and after restarting iTunes and having it complain about a different photo, I move that photo back.

    Sometimes this works - sometimes it doesn't work.

    And it is very slow, as I go one file at a time.

    I looked at my iPOD to see if it copied every file, but it is not obvious - the iPOD doesn't appear to go down as many sub folders as "My Pictures" has. I suspect it is missing lots of pictures. I know that the album that is ripped in "My Music" didn't get copied over.

    Is there a way to convert my suspect JPGs into something my iPod can display?

    Is there a quick way to find all the invalid JPGs at once?

    Is there a limit in how many levels of subfolders I can copy?:confused:
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    Howard Brazee

    I copied those pictures to an iMac. I had that iMac look at those pictures and save them. I copied them to a new directory. The problem still happens.

    How do I find out what is different about these .JPG files that look fine on my Mac or my PC - but which iTunes can't read?

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