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Investing In an Iphone APP

Discussion in 'App Store Business, Legal and Marketing' started by totobigtoto, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. totobigtoto, Dec 18, 2012
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    Ok so I pretty much just got a job ( If i don't get fired LOL in 3 months i will earn around $2500) I'm planning on investing it all in an Iphone app. I need your idea's...

    1. What Iphone App should i create any idea's? ( No troll plz I'm serious )
    2. How much should I charge for this Iphone app?

    Oh It has to be an simple app , something that you will use and buy...

    Since I only have 2k XD. A game costs around 8K.

    If you know any good off shore iphone app development website please let me know , If it's a cheaper price...

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    Well if there a great idea, I don't someone will want to share with you lol
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    LOL , yeah i was thinking the same thing :O. Maybe someone will PM me? hopefully a fairy? LOL
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    Not to sound like a downer here, but it really doesn't sound like you have the financial security or knowledge to fund and maintain a successful application. I know you're being lighthearted with the "if I can last" talk, but you seem to have a lack of vision and confidence. Bigger companies with more direction have invested, and lost, far more than $2.5k in iPhone apps.

    I make about that much in three months. I'd never save it all and throw it at such a risk without the skills.
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    SnowLeopard OSX

    Successfully developing an application would probably take a lot more than $2,500 and more than one individual person -- although, anything's possible. If you're not even entirely sure what kind of an app you'd want to develop (assuming you have the technical skills to do so) - then you're probably better off investing that money in something more productive.
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    What would be a better investment? Can you please let me know thanks?

    Btw: For the iphone app i was planning on off shoring all the work? :/ Anyways what would be more productive , thanks
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    Do you know what type of app you want. Games, productivity, utility, entertainment etc?
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    So u wanna be (another) App developer?

    Read THIS.
  9. totobigtoto, Dec 18, 2012
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    Well I can't make a game app since it costs WAY to much 8k!!! I don't know I want something simple , useful , cost efficient like the perfect idea. But I don't know... hopefully somehow I will get the " answer "

    I wanted to make a Iphone app for a really long time , but didn't have the money hopefully in 3 months i can save it up and invest in an app. I just don't know where to... Games etc.. I was thinking something useful and simple but something people will buy.... around $.99 to $1.30..Damn the idea is the hardest part...

    Ah , yeah >.< damn i know it sucks that they failed. But I am only going to do it once. I don't know I'm kinda double minded ... Like i can buy so much stuff with that much... But my gut is telling me to invest in a app but my brain says you can rather save it and have a guaranteed $~2500...

    I heard if your " gut " tells you to do something you should it's your subconscious.... Also isn't the subconscious like the universe telling you do something dunno LOL. Maybe I should meditate on this LOL.

    I don't know i'm kinda double minded now...
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    App idea

    Why don't you invent an app that tells people what type of app they should invent? Have like 15 questions they answer and it will spit out the perfect app they should invent based on the criteria they select. Of course it will spit out nonsensical answers like "your new app will help folks name their new pet meerkat" or "help people select a perfectly ripe avocado at the grocery store by holding the phone near the avocado and flicking the avocado with your finger looking for the perfect tone."
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    I dunno if my money will go down the drain LOL. Maybe...

    But why would the average user want this? Oh it will be an Iphone app helper? Damn hopefully i make my money back xD
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    Take your $2500 and invest it into 10 different companies on the Dow, Nasdaq or NYSE. Rearrange by market cap and 52 week low. Pick the ones that look attractive and hold on to them till they reach 52 week high. Dump, rinse and repeat.....
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    Unless you're living at home and have zero expenses, $2500 over a minimum of three months isn't a lot of money. Now you want people to....what, give you an app idea and then tell you where to find people to code it? Perhaps some kind of financial planner for yourself?
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    You say 'invest' in an app. Do you mean buy an app or program an app?

    If you want to spend the money on programming an app yourself, then the investment is more than the app itself. After it's done, you'd know how to program an app. You would be investing in yourself.

    You might find that you love programming, you might find you hate it, but you would have learned.

    Programming an app doesn't cost much actual money if you do it yourself.

    If you pay to have someone else do it, $2500 won't get you too far, probably a simple app. Don't expect to get your money back, most will never break even.
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    For people who have done a lot of market research on what sells and what doesn't, and have their own unique product ideas, the odds of not losing their entire investment is well below 50%. If you have to get ideas and app pricing strategy from strangers, your odds are far worse, maybe under a 2% chance of making your money back.

    Thus, you will likely have far better statistical odds going to Vegas and betting it all on one roulette spin.

    A far more reasonable investment would be to put the cash into a well diversified or index fund inside your IRA or 401K.

    Either that, or spend many many months studying consumer marketing, app store demographics, UX design, and mobile development costs.
  16. totobigtoto, Dec 19, 2012
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    I was thinking about learning how to programming for the apps myself. I remember when I was 13 , I would SPEND hours and hours just figuring this stuff out. LOL, while everyone had fun and played ... I sat down and starting figure this stuff out . Heck I started learning about MYSQL databases at 13. I was like really interested. I still am.. But I don't know... I can't seem to get to the 13 year old me. Who would spend hours and hours on computers trying to figure out any problem. I learned so much! Eyes had black ass bags under them LOL. Ever since I was a kid I was fascinated with technology, 6 years old I would always go for the video camera to figure out how it all worked . I would look at the T.V how it worked . I got yelled when i was a kid , because my parents thought i would break it LOL.

    Anyways yeah I'll give it a shot. Spend hours and hours learning programming ... It's not that is hard but more than takes forever XD. I guess i can't wait hahaha. But yeah i guess i should give it a shot and learn programming...

    I dunno if you ever got the feeling when your so close to finish a project like a " app project " your just about to release it you spend the night also trying to finish it, so you can just release it ASAP. When your so close... hahha , happens to me all the time.

    Gotta start forcing myself to start going back on the computer and do this stuff again. I actually find it fun when it goes according to what i planned. But damn i hate the problem solving!! That is SO boring. Hours and hours and in the end it's sometimes so simple!

    I guess your all right , I will try to do it myself. I was planning on to then i'm like nah. But yeah I guess I will :p thanks. My mind is set on one goal make $$$$ lots of lots... So i can be FREE LOL.
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    Better yet invest it into apple as they are trading at one of their all time lowest valuations in the last 5 years :p
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    Learning marketable technical skills is often an much better investment than any other realistic alternative. iOS development expertise is (currently) in demand. Buy some books, backup HDs for your projects, and a lot of coffee.
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    How about some advice from whoever this guy is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxo2rGr7Yfg

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