Invisable Shield Damage

Discussion in 'iPod touch Accessories' started by Gerard., Oct 19, 2007.

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    Sorry but i couldnt find an answer to this, so before you start saying use the search feature.. Dont.

    If i were to remove my invisable shield in a month or two, will it have damaged my ipod in any way? Also, Is it easy to remove?
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    No, it shouldn't damage it at all. The idea of the shield is to protect the product, from other threats and itself. It is very easy to take off. It will simply peel. Don't pull too hard though, I was really gentle with mine.
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    Thanks, its just i heard something about the silicon or something setting in.. Must have been wrong.
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    No problem. But I, however, am not an expert. I find it hard to believe that the silicon would "set in" and ultimately destroy something about one's iPod... I would contact the guys who make the shield and ask them for sure. I doubt it's going to hurt anything though.

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