Invisible Shield - 5th Gen 30gb - UK

Discussion in 'iPod' started by the.tourist77, Nov 5, 2005.

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    After selling my 4th gen 30gb photo on Amazon for a fair price I have ordered a nice black 5th gen as an upgrade.

    As my 4th gen was pretty scratched due to not using a case I am interested in buying an invisible shield.

    Trouble is I can't find anywhere in the UK selling them.

    Please help!
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    Sky Blue

    You have to order them from the US...and the really annoying thing is..I ordered mine last monday and it has just the second come in the post....and it's for a ****ing 30GB model....grrrrr
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    Maybe I could buy it from you??
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    I ordered mine from the official site and it took under a week to arrive here. Postage cost wasn't bad.
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    Postage would be $5 and you'd receive withing a few days, ordered mine Sunday, got it the following Thursday.
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    Well don't I feel a bit silly?! When I went to purchase before I only saw the $50ish shipping options, didn't think to click the other options.

    Getting a 30gb video iPod and a PSP cover.

    Thanks for your help everyone.
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    I ordered mine with the free shipping option and it arrived within seven days. Haven't tried it on the iPod yet..seems a daunting task!

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