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Invisible Shield and MacBook Alu

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by harry20larry, Feb 9, 2009.

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    Hey all,
    just got my macbook and looking at some pictures of scratches that people have created on their macbooks (some with credit cards) I feel inclined to get a macbook invisible shield. I wanna know if any of you guys have it and if its worth the £30 off ebay, seems pretty expensive, but is it a worth deal? I've some experience with putting them on as I have an itouch 2g. Also, does it kind of ruin the effect of having the alu by making it glossy again. THanks a bunch, harri
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    Invisible Sheild

    Please see these posts...

    http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=6843045&postcount=10 and

    In addition to the above posts, I can add that I have since purchased one of the new Aluminum MBs and put the IS on there too. Pain in the @ss to get on, but sooo worth it. I won't own an Apple laptop without having IS on it.

    Does it add gloss to it? Yes. Does it still look great? Sure does. Add the piece of mind that it brings and, IMO, it's a no-brainer.

    Good luck,
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    I also have a few pics to share.

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    i think it looks better!
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    Zagg often runs promotion regularly, with discounts ranging from 20 to 40%. Google for it.
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    i have it also and its amazing... i have for 2 weeks now and i can attest that its very reliable, very easy to apply once you follow instructions and so far it has provided my macbook with a major level of protection. im no longer afraid of carrying my macbook in my bag with other gadgets in there. it never took away the beauty of my macbook ,, it still looks amazing and provides a better grip to my it, sometimes it feels like its never there. you will not regret getting it i assure you. :)
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    I installed mine, but my computer felt cheap, so I removed it.
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    just as good, but way cheaper. (27usd vs 54usd)

    my friend showed me it on his blackberry. so i initially bought one for my blackberry, but ended up buying skins for my ds lite, ipod touch, and my gf 1st gen ipod touch.

    ill throw some phots up once i can gather all my devices.

    it has the same scratch resistance as invisible shield (yes they both scratch, its just really really hard to scratch them)
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    Am I the only one that thinks that looks, well, hideous?
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    yes, especially when yours will have scratches and those covered with the shield won't.
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    I think covers make it ugly as well.

    If I were to buy a product that looks and feels as good as the new unibody MacBook, or say, a really nice mobile phone, I don't put a cover on it because it doesn't look as good.

    The Invisible Shield takes away from the matte texture of the MB's aluminium body, and makes your beautiful matte aluminium product look shiny. Sure, it'll look a bit better when you sell it, but you babied the damn thing and never got a chance to benefit from its full beauty! You've given that opportunity for someone else. Or perhaps protecting it for 3-4 years will give you the chance to throw out a perfect machine into the trash, or recycle it when it's done.

    I use a Zeroshock type laptop sleeve, and I'll clean it occasionally, but I won't live like I'm standing on eggshells and wear rubber handling gloves for 3 years just because a small tick may appear on a laptop. My old 12" PowerBook lasted for over 3 years, and there were only a few areas tiny spots where the anodization was wearing out a bit. That's not ugly.
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    if you are really looking for something to protect the macbook you might want to take a look at the speck satin case

    i got the black one and it has a good texture without making the laptop look cheap.
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    Friends don't let friends put plastic on their ALUMINUM MacBooks. Save it for the sofas.

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    Life is all about choices...

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    Same here...
    Same computer...

    somehow this past summer, mysteriously :rolleyes:, a small dent appeared on it and noooo one knows how it got there.
    It killed me.
    all that time with no scratches problems or otherwise (except a few keys were aesthetically worn out, E, N and R.

    I do have an Invisible Shield on my new macbook...
    It might not be as pretty... but I'm quasi-OCD and having a teeny dent or a teeny scratch would kill me.
    I'll sacrifice 6% of the beauty taken away from the matte finish for 80% Aesthetic security (inflated or not, its like wearing a condom with your husband/wife) ;) lol
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    This I don't get! LOL & sorry

    but you might as well take your Mac guts out of the pretty housing and transplant them into a Gateway body!

    I think those look awful! (again, sorry! :( )
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    I have an IS on my MacBook. The top is shiny, but it looks fine. The trackpad and the area around the keyboard look odd because you can see the edge of the shield. I don't care how the bottom looks with the shield on, and it's the most prone to scratches.
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    I'm conflicted. I had a 12" Powerbook and kept it in perfect condition using a sleeve (www.sfbags.com) for nearly four years. Then it got a little ding, and well, it was like getting a door ding on a car. :mad:Grr... but then you get over it.

    I bought an Invisible Shield for my MacBook, but can't bring myself to install it. I love their products for iPods and iPhones which need this protection because they live in pockets, with keys and loose change. My laptops have a different life and sleevecases provide protection when in bags.
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    I would have to agree that if one is attracted to the matte appearance of the aluminum, the shiny plastic look is counter to that desire.

    The IS is a great product, that does exactly what it's supposed to do, but does so at the expense of a little bit of aesthetic value. For some, it's worth the trade. For others not so much.

    Here's a line of covers that tries to find the middle ground:


    I'll bet that they're not as durable as the IS, but are certainly amped-up in the aesthetics department. Anyone have any experience with these?
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    You're not the only one. I can't stand the idea of buying a pretty aluminum machine and covering it with plastic. I firmly believe that if you take good enough care of it, you don't NEED to cover it to keep it nice. But, that's just my opinion.
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    I'd never seen those before, but they are pretty neat. I still wouldn't use one myself, but those seem like a really good way to personalize and protect at the same time, if you are so inclined.
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    As far as I have seen, I.Ss will NOT stop a dent/impact damage. Buyer Beware. If you are looking for impact protection, you'll need something that provides absorbtion properties without transfering the energy to the computer case. Ultra-tight plastic cases offer some protection up to their somewhat fragile strength, but often transmit the energy to the point of contact with the computer (which are always placed in awkward fragile spots).

    Your best bet is a well padded sleeve that would fit in a rigid case. I know radtech has some of that crap (where I got some accessories) too.
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    I couldn't agree more. I say treat aesthetically pleasing things like MacBooks, watches, phones, even cars the same way you would a beautiful woman - with care and attention and covered up as little as possible.

    Buying a MacBook or anything with aesthetic appeal and proceeding to stick a big plastic cover on it is a bit like scoring a date with Bar Rafaeli and telling her to turn up wearing a fat suit and a ski mask... :(
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    Hahaha. :D

    Anyway, I tried a few skins on my Macbook Pro, but I just couldn't stand to see it like that. Such a beautiful piece of work cover in plastic, it just didn't look right...

    I just make sure to keep extra care of it; when I'm not using it while traveling or around the house, into the case it goes. :)
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    I went with SpiceMyDevice, they're the same as Gelaskins. It lasted about 1 year before I started seeing some of the ink on it wear off, but it kept my mac safe.

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