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invisible shield ipod touch

Discussion in 'iPod touch Accessories' started by wywern209, Sep 9, 2008.

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    so i checked the dimensions of the new touc and the screen invisble shield should fit but prob. not the back one. i guess here how it is: invisible shield screen protection+ any silicone case of ur choice. oh and my dad said he's gonna get me a touch this saturday at the local store. awesome cuz my old ipod video just died. screen is dead and it looks f-ed up.
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    yeah, wondering about that too

    that's probably the first thing I wanted to find out after they introduced the new touch - when the invisible shield/films would be available for the ipod touch (esp for the back which seems like will scratch just as easily as the 1g ipod touch).

    the second thing I was wondering is when those cases will be out (I think someone asked this in another thread and the answer was when the ipod touches show up in the apple stores)
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    exactly when will the new touchs be in store? i know i can order them from apple.com but i just realized something. i looked at the spec sheets for the old and the new IPT and only the depth and maybe the weights are different. my point is will it fit in the 1g cases when the depth dif is only .02 of an inch?

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