Invisible Shield on 8gb Touchs

Discussion in 'iPod touch Accessories' started by xerikx, Oct 4, 2007.

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    Anyone had experience with these?

    I just received mine and have to say it is the worst fitting thing that could have possibly been made. Seems they made them to the specs of the 16gbs and they fit like complete sh*t.
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    The 16gb and 8gb are physically identical.
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    Except one is thicker than the other...
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    They are physically identical, just as stated.

    They are flash, not HDD based.
    So no size difference.
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    There's been numerous threads on here talking about the difference in size..
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    They are the same size.
    Check Apple's site...
    Ill do it for you

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    Guess I'll eat my words then
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    Possibly you are confusing it with a screen protector for the iPhone, which, if I am not mistaken is slightly larger?
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    I just ordered one of these

    It works well on my brothers iphone and they have some you can call and order for the ipod touch.
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    Mine worked great

    It took me a little bit to determine which way was top for the back piece.
    I would recommend the Invisible Shield for anyone.
    Watch the viedo first and make sure you are in good lighting.
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    I'm with the op. Very disappointed with the inviso on my touch. I feels like crap and the back fit isn't that good at all. I wasted $30 honestly as I took it off and I'm going au naturale
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    I'm extremely disappointed with ZAGG because they shipped out my IS late. I called beforehand to make sure they were available and paid for quicker shipping yet it came several days after the expected date. Just in time for BSE to release their version *after being told they were available to ship right away*, this will be my last purchase from ZAGG.
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    Can someone put a photo of the Touch with the Invisible Shield? And also,with the shield, does the "touching" become slower? I'm really hesitating between Moshi iPouch and Invisible Shield
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    I don't see how it could be. I still have my plastic cover on mine since the day I bought it and it works great. But then again I have never taken it off. I think it is fast enough for me.
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    Personally, I don't think there is any need for a cover or a shield for the front of the touch. I just spent a week at a tradeshow with mine and was rubbing the front screen on my shirt to clean the finger prints off. It had no effect.

    The back of the touch is another issue though. Just give me 1/2 of an invisible shield kit for the back. Then I will be all set.
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    No. But I have with a 16gb. LOL

    Ebay it
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    How well do these skins cover the corners of the ipod, from looking at images it looks like the invisible sheild covers them better then thebestskinever ones do?

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