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invisible shield on a laptop

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by QCassidy352, Jun 13, 2006.

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    I haven't seen this discussed here before...

    I absolutely love the invisible shield on my ipod nano. A little hard to apply, but a wonderful product. Well, the same people offer laptop invisible shields. I'm tempted. I'm super-anal about keeping my computers nice, and my experience with the shield on my ipod tells me that nothing will protect my macbook for its life like an invisible shield.

    But my concern is heat. My macbook doesn't get very hot, but I'm worried that putting this shield on it would trap too much heat and it would get really hot, perhaps even so hot it would be bad for the laptop.

    Has anyone done this before? Does anyone have any thoughts about the heat issue? thanks! :)
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    nobody has tried this or has any thoughts on how it might effect heat?
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    Why would the invisible shield affect heat? Seeing as it's plastic, same as the actual Macbook case, there won't be any difference, unless you cover up the vents :rolleyes:

    Anyways I don't think there would be any other problems, what about the feel of it? Will it be a bother for you to actually feel the texture of the invisible shield on you Macbook?
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    I am considering the full body shield for my black MacBook, but I don't know what it will look like with it on and more importantly if I will like it.
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    It does look like something I might get when I get my macbook....

    however just to point out, I think their Lifetime Guarantee is kind of stupid and funny.. It says under the MacBook, "so if it ever does get scratched we'll replace it. For FREE. For LIFE." Well that is just great, I am happy that they are that confident in their product that they would replace it if it does get scratched. However if it does get scratched, more than likely, MY COMPUTER IS SCRATCHED! Why would I want another one?! ;)

    EDIT: I just watched the videos, and they seem VERY convincing....
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    I want one of these but for my iBook. Kinda makes me made that they dont offer a full body shield for the 12in iBook. At least they offer it for the newer machines so when i pick one of them up i can get it.

    Here is to hoping they make them for the older model apple laptops.
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    I had one for my black video iPod and it was great, but I don't know how my black MacBook would look. Plus, its so expensive. :(
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    I've ordered a full body shield for my MacBook, as I've already got shields for my DS Lite. - The yellowing issue was the main reason, at least covering the trackpad and wrist rest should stop any issues there.

    I've got a white MB which should look fine with a shield, but the BlackBooks may look a little strange.
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    True, but my thought is that it is always better strange looking then broke or scratched.
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    To a certain degree I agree with your philosophy. I did in fact purchase the full body shield (after looking at one on the MacBook Pros) for my black MacBook because of the fingerprints and oil marks that appear on its casing. Better slightly awkward than looking "greasy".
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    Please post pictures to those who have ordered. I have a invisible shield on my nano and would love to get one for my next 'book
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    I guess the presumption here is that the protective polymer coating is thick enough to stop ordinary scratches from scratching the laptop casing. On plastic casings such as iBook, scratches may not show readily but on aluminum casings on MacBook Pro, even the smallest scratch would be highly visible.

    To those who purchased the invisible shield, can the protective coating be taken off without leaving sticky residues on the laptop itself?
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    according to the website, you can take it off. On top of that, if you do take it off because you need to send it in to Apple for repairs for example, you can send it back to them to get it replaced as long as you send in the old one. :eek:
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    Hi -I'm about to purchase a 17" Mac Book Pro and considering the shield for it. I already have a similar product from "Best Skins Ever" on my Nano and my Blackberry but I'm wondering how it would look on the Mac Book Pro given the aluminium skin.

    How did the one you saw look?
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    It looked really good. I'm a big fan of the Apple design, but this didn't ruin that. The shield is perfectly cut so that everything (even the battery) is covered perfectly. But make sure it is installed correctly or it can look wierd.
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    I think I'm gonna get it and apply it the moment I pull the 17" out of the box. Thanks. :)
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    My invisibleshield for the iPod is quite scratched. Not hideously so but there are plenty of small scratches about a quarter of an inch long if I look. Does this mean I can get another one?
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    I bought the full shield for my Black MacBook, and I am waiting for the UPS to delivery it today!
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    I had one for my iPod, and wanted another one because I had little bubbles, so I asked them if they can send me another one. They did. Only thing is, they asked me to send in my old one.
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    I don't blame them for wanting you to send in the old one. People would call in and get new ones shipped out and split the cost with friends.

    I'm interested in seeing pics myself 50 bucks is expensive though aaaaaaah.
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    ditto on the pics
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    I've installed it! its looking good so far. They said to let it set for 1-3 days. :confused: I'll post pictures in a couple of days.
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    Bill Gates

    What about screen protection? They don't seem to offer that (although you could custom order something).
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    No screen protection.
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    Bill Gates

    Yes, I noticed, but can you suggest an alternative or if this would even "work?" By that I mean without reducing the image quality significantly. A marginal reduction for peace of mind is fine in my book.

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