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InvisibleSHIELD for MBA

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by yyc engineer, Jan 6, 2011.

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    I got my new MBA today at my apple store but they didn't have any Invisible Shield Full body things by Zagg.

    I went to Best Buy and London Drugs but they only had it for 13" MBP not MBA.

    Does anyone know if the MBP Invisible Shield will fit the new MBA? Or should I just order the MBA version online and wait 6-8 weeks :eek: to get it?

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    I think it would fit, but I would just order it online.
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    The Samurai

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    yyc engineer...did you find an Invisible Shield in YYC? I'm looking as well.

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    vs. Wrapsol

    I have an InvisibleShield by Zagg on my Ultimate 11. I have wrapped all my mobile devices in Zagg products and have spend hundreds on their stuff. I swear by their entry into this particular niche, but I have recently watched reviews and read up on Wrapsol.

    I have received my Wrapsol for my Ultimate 11 but have as yet to contemplate ripping off my InvisibleShield to install the Wrapsol.

    All my research points to a better product in the Wrapsol; I would say go with a Wrapsol as it retails for cheaper (unless you've got a Zagg Promo Code).
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    I just orderd direct from Zagg and they are not backordered...my order says at loading dock ready for shipping...I ordered yesterday...:confused:
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    I put one of these on a PIL macbook air 13" 2010 model. Looks nice, takes a while to get it all perfect but the install is pretty easy if one is patient. They were mostly concerned with scratching and such.
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    I have it on all my devices ... It's great product

    here is a pic of it on macbook air 11" .. i have the full body one


    and here is pic of it on iPad


    personally i would recommend it and it is cut to fit the product so no worries and it's very easy and simple to install
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    I prefer Wrapsol to InvisibleShield.

    Okay, I caved. My InvisibleShield on my Ultimate 11 was slightly misaligned. I tore off the InvisibleShield (I admit that the adhesion was done quite well.) and installed the Wrapsol.

    The matte finish of the Wrapsol reflects much less light. My MBA looks like there is no film at all.

    Personal preference for me: Wrapsol. I like my MBA looking the way it was intended to: aluminum matte and not shiny and wet.
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    Are you in the US? Can you post some pics?

    I used to be an InvisibleShield fan but after the bad experiences with the poor fit on my i4 and the odd staining on the back of my iPad from the Apple iPad case and their poor customer service, I'm looking elsewhere.

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