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iOS 4.2.1 Has Baseband Requirement

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by Applejuiced, Nov 23, 2010.

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    Apple has created another roadblock for jailbreakers and unlockers with the introduction of a baseband requirement for iOS.

    BigBoss relays the following information from Semaphore.

    It seems that Apple has decided to put a baseband requirement on iOS. So at this point, if you are using Saurik’s server or tiny umbrella and trying to restore 4.2.1 on an iPhone 4, you will end up in recovery mode and tiny umbrella will not be able to pull you out of recovery. In this case, you will have to restore 4.1 again or you will have to restore 4.2.1 stock and be tether jailbroken. (Of course, I recommend 4.1 and not bothering with 4.2.1 at all). If you are an unlocker, this is a no brainer. Do not update to 4.2.1 even to test it at this point.
    So the iphone 4 trick where you used TU to update while maintaining your Baseband doesnt work any more. Only way to go around it would be with a custom IPSW that doesnt update the BB.
    This sucks.
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    Surprised it took so long for you to post this. It's been out for several hours :)

    Let the games begin!!
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    I know, I'm usually quicker:)
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    this news really bites. Preserving baseband with TU was such an easy process compared to coaching noobs through custom ipsw creation.
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    The Giant is trying every possible way to break the Jailbrake/Unl0cked community.
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    They can't do anything about the limerain exploit so they went after the baseband preservation now.
    Hope The Dev Team puts out an updated pwnage version soon.
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    I wonder if this is what's delaying the release of PwnageTool. Usually PwnageTool for the old bootrom devices is out before Redsn0w. Presumably they have to patch this new baseband check out of the custom ipsw.
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    Hm. Well, I preserved my baseband although I don't need to unlock.

    I guess I'll wait for more things to become suited with 4.2.1 before updating anyways, thanks for the info.
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    That's most likely the case. They're trying to circumvent this new problem. Hope they can hack it soon.
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    Me too! I've been needing to restore, and I've been holding off for 4.2.1.
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    this is funah

    Apple is doing a good job at making jailbreaking more complex and unattractive for an end user with this move.

    Things are starting to get scary when Tinyumbrella cannot kick the iDevice out of recovery mode.
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    Patience. Everything that can be locked can be unlocked. The engineers at Apple aren't Gods above mortal men. :)
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    i'm relatively new to the jailbreaking/unlocking scene. I jailbroke my first iPhone a few months ago and was wondering why this is such a problem all of a sudden? I am not too good with computers, but I was able to create a custom ISPW for my iPhone with ease? So wouldn't this be the same concept as before?
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    I hope you're right! I too am eagerly awaiting an unlock, as I'm stuck in China, with a 3G on 4.1 with 5.14.02 :mad::confused:
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    Creating a custom IPSW is easier than using TU with Pwnage. That is all I ever use to JB.

    The tutorials at iClarified make it so easy a caveman could do it.
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    this is just for the iphone 4??

    or 3gs and 3g too?
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    Only on IP were you previously able to use TU to update and keep baseband. In essence, with the 4.2.1, it forces the IP4 to also update the baseband like 3G and 3GS all along.

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