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iOS 6 Default Wallpaper

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by yodayoda, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. yodayoda, Jun 11, 2012
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    Would somebody who downloads the Beta later be able to post a downloadable file for the iOS 6 default wallpaper as well as a screenshot of the Default Home Screen?

    Greatly Appreciated.



    Wondering also if the default homescreen layout is the same!
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    I was hoping for live wallpapers, Would have been cool.
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    Part of me wants to wait till I get the new iPhone to use the new wallpaper so I don't get bored of it so quickly like I did with the Bubbles on iOS ;/
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    Apple's website is showing the blue ripple wallpaper as stock home screen, so looks like you'll get your wish.
  5. 3bs
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    Me too but it's gonna be one of the few things to help keep me waiting for the public release of iOS 6 and not signing up for a dev account! :p
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    Weather and Newstands icons look new! Anyone able to download this yet and extract the wallpaper?

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    Isn't it this one? ImageUploadedByTapatalk1339441675.327548.jpg
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    i want the new wallpaper so bad lol


    no im using that one now and that one is from iOS5. While very similar looking, it's different :0
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    no that isn't it the ripple is a different angle. That is the "new" iPad wallpaper 0 iOS 6 is different
  10. 3bs
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    Oh I see, the ripples are different. Disregard my post then. #
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    I really do want this wallpaper, but as someone said above... I think I'm going to wait until I get my iPhone 5 before I use it.
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    Whoa is that a clock app on the iPad's home screens?
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    First person to get a download of this up and a screenshot of the default home screen gets a cookie! lol
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    i will also upvote their post and they will be my hero of the day lol
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    Anyone have any thoughts on the "show battery percentage" - Interesting fact is all the iPhones default is OFF and the original iPad came OFF but the iPad 2 and the "New iPad" came with battery percentage ON - Interesting, the funny thing is that Apple actually thinks hard about these minor details!
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    Anyone have this yet? bueller......
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    huh no?
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    Weather looks the same to me but in that tiny image it looks like the Newsstand icon now only has two rows of icons, not three.
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    the new iPad has had this wallpaper since launch
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    no it's a different one
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    I just finished installing on iPhone, checking as soon as phone is restored.
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    not sure about weather, it looks pretty similar. but newsstand is exactly the same. Look in the Siri section here: http://www.apple.com/ios/ios6/

    Also there is a new Clock icon though in that picture too. well maybe that's just specific to iPad? on the smaller screens you are showing the clock icons are different on the iPhones than the iPad
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    I hope the iPhone gets the new clock icon. I think it looks nice and sleek.
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    I think it's only for iPad - we'll see - hoping for some screen shots here soon and blank wallpaper for download :)

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