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iOS 6 Icon Intrepretation.

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by marcusj0015, Jun 10, 2012.

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    iOS 4 & 5 icons were just water droplets, and the iOS 6 one is like a lake or large body of water, iOS 4 & 5 didn't really have too many HUGE features either, maybe it means 6 will be a big update, and possibly the 6 is going to include a UI refresh as part of being a big update, and the changed color s heme, shape of the background (circles to waves)

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    Its a new wallpaper.


    Also what do you mean by huge features?

    iOS 4

    iOS 5
    -Notification Center
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    I mean radical changes, iOS4 was a lot bigger than iOS 3, but iOS 5 iCloud? Really? Thats not huge. Lol.
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    iOS5 did give us the notification center and took away bubbles on the iPhone, it changed the way you used your phone, theres never an interruption.
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    IOS 5 was minor to me. IOS 4 though, was huge over 3..
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    Yeah there were way more features added to iOS 4.. But iOS 5 did bring some great things to it, and now it's time to take it to the next level.
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    I expect Android knockoffs, like face unlock and other things.

    I also expect for a swift and ridiculous war between android and apple fanboys that ultimately has zero effect on either OS experience.
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    macbook pro i5

    I like my s3 but apple has proven that they have at least a couple of features that android doesn't have in there next version of iOS,oh and I like your sig;)
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    iOS 5 had lots of updates and features, it's just that many people took those as granted and it feels to them that iOS 5 did not bring anything new.

    If you downgraded iOS 5 to iOS 4, you'd immediately feel the difference and absence of functionality.

    You know it's interesting how much people equate an update to a visual change. iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 have the same internals, just a different shape and screen, and people shouted how big of an update 4 was. 4S has a completely new and upgraded hardware, yet people are saying it's only a minor update since the shape stayed the same.

    If Apple reorganizes the homescreen a little bit and leaves everything as is, people will be screaming that iOS 6 is a huge update, yet, if they leave the homescreen the same and add 200 functions all over the OS, people will say "What changed? Nothing's changed".
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    That is a good point, it's all about perception, adn I'm not hating on iCloud or anything, that alone ensure I'll NEVER use Pre-iOS 5 firmware.
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    iPhone 4 got a new processor, twice the RAM, usuable camera with flash not to mention 4x screen resolution. To be fair that is a massive upgrade over 3GS.
    As for the 4s, it is faster with a better camera and Siri. I bought one and returned it because the battery life was half what my > 1 year old iPhone 4 was getting with the same usage. For me that wasn't a good enough upgrade to stick with the 4s.
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    It did not get the new processor, Cortex-A8 was just rebranded into the A4. The CPUs are the same, the difference is 200MHz in frequency.

    4S got a completely new CPU architecture, a new generation, Cortex-A9, dual core too!

    It also got a massive GPU improvement, GPU is the same for 4 and 3GS, PowerVR SGX535.

    It got a considerable camera improvement over the iPhone 4.

    Now, I agree, iPhone 4 was a good improvement, but 4S was not a minor upgrade as people like to call it, as far as power goes, 4S was a much bigger improvement.
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    Um... no, they don't.

    Processor: 600mhz ARM > 1Ghz A4
    RAM: 256mb > 512mb
    Camera: 3mp > 5mp (plus significantly upgraded sensor and lens and added LED flash)
    Front Camera: None > VGA
    Video recording: VGA > 720p
    Video calls: None > FaceTime
    Screen: 480x320 > 960x640

    It was a significant update... maybe the most significant of any iPhone update.
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    It's just an icon man.

    Don't loose any sleep over it.
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    You don't need much to be happy, do you? :)
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    That is purely semantics is it not? Different name and faster processor to me says it is something different. Besides, Apple took the cortex processor and repackaged it with some additional components hence why it was rebranded the A4.
    You just said the 4s got a considerable camera improvement over the 4 but fail to mention the 4 had the same over the 3GS and you have made no mention to the increase in RAM or other benefits. Comparing the benefits from 3GS to 4 or from the 4 to 4S, I think the jump from 3GS to 4 was much more pronounced. I appreciate everyone puts their own value on how upgraded components affects them though.
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    Alright, you're right, you win.
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    I do? Sweet. :)
    Just differing viewpoints. Here is hoping the next iPhone brings a lot of new to the table.

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