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iOS 6 iPad exclusive "Mini-mission Control"

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by ellaimac, May 31, 2012.

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    The three finger swipe up would be the same as you do on a Macbook's trackpad on Lion.
    The reason for iPad exclusivity is because the iPhone's screen is too small for such. iPhone Multitasking might stay the same.
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    Not sure of the diagram but convinced of its use in ios6.
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    Uh. Alright.

    Nice Drawing.

    Uhhh. The iPad already has swipe multitasking.
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    What are the apps you imagine it displays? 5 most recently used? Only apps with background tasks running such as music or location? Because multitasking on an iPad and Mac are very different. I just don't see it working on the iPad since you don't leave windows open that you can see in a mission control view.
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    Better question: Do we need a thumb extension as shown? :eek: What software was used for the sketch up?:D
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    Looool..... Sorry for bad drawing...teehee
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    I think I will request the mods to merge this thread with the other iOS 6 Multitasking thread ;)
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    The diagram is showing actual screenshots of iOS 6, apple is making some UI improvements. It's all about minimalism with apple.
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    If iPhone multitasking stays the same functionality-wise, maybe they could update the look so we get live previews? Just to spice it up a bit... this could show up after double-tapping Home while in an app.

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    The lesson here is: Don't use the free pencil tool to write.
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    That diagram could be passed off as modern art these days.
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    Power Macintosh

    I think it's actually a great idea! It's faster than the current iPad multitasking.
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    Power Macintosh

    I made a better version than your drawing.

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    Isnt that OS X lion?
  16. Power Macintosh, Jun 10, 2012
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    Power Macintosh

    No. If you look closely, you'll see the Apps are iPad's Apps. And the Mac OS X dock is missing.
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    Can I still use it if I don't have a claw?
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    Sweet merciful lord... I thought my handwriting was abysmal. Compared to this I write with calligraphy.

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