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iOS 6 Music App

Discussion in 'App Store Business, Legal and Marketing' started by xArtx, Dec 8, 2013.

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    Hi Guys,
    While iOS 6 was current I reproduced the stock Music player App with a few customisations
    (the only reason someone would have), and quite likely posted a video demo here.

    When iOS 7 arrived, I decided to put a little more into it because I simply don't
    like the iOS 7 UI for any stock App. It has a little Coverflow effect, also with a bit of a difference.

    I might as well demonstrate what happens when an App that is purely based
    on an iOS stock App is submitted to the App Store review team.
    I've wanted to do it, but feared it for obvious reasons.

    I think that when most programmers or companies are done with an Apple Dev account,
    it is because they either invested a lot of money for no return,
    or in the case of an individual, were just pissed that something didn't do so well,
    or some similar reason. This is not the case here.
    It is my position that it was never the right platform for any developer of free software,
    but have no ill feeling at all with regard to any of that,
    but simply do not care about my account or any consequence of abusing it.

    Aside from the obvious, The App cannot make it because it only supports iPhone 5 screen size.
    It's either RejectPod, or xPod (not sure yet, but will register today),
    and it's icon is a colour inverted version of the iOS 6 Music App.

    I'm very inclined to make them aware of the effort someone would put in
    to preserving the older one, and show them some custom features.
    Will share results :)
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    Lol :D Look familiar?



    At the very least, an iOS 6 Music Player memorialisation win :)

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    I've been curious about why there aren't more free apps like this released as source. Yes, it takes a $99 dev account to compile and deploy to your device, but for many of us with multi iOS device families this is a reasonable price to pay. IMO.

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    That's debatable when it comes to distribution of free software,
    but you go in knowing it cost $99 pa.
    If you're serious you'll also be needing to play the same game as the consumer
    of updating devices as they arrive on the shelf, much more fiercely.
    Then GPL in the App Store is another matter entirely.

    The point isn't really to have a dig, or trash a dev account because it's done with.
    I actually always wanted to upload it, but was afraid to for various reasons while my account was important.

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    Uploaded today.
    There are many reasons for rejection... only useable on 4 inch screen,
    mock of stock App, dud icon, blank screenshot images, etc.
    So I'll bee interested to hear the reason :D

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    is there any opion to get this app? or is it all gone forever:(?
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    I am also surprised that distributing interesting iOS apps this way (as Xcode projects) isn't more popular. One could even sell apps this way outside Apple's App store. There are a lot of apps valuable enough to pay $99/annum for the enrollment required for Mac users to build and install apps on their iOS devices.

    But there do appear to be a lot of open source iOS apps on github.
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    That has changed a lot in the past year or so!

    VLC for one came back to the App Store and made source available, which is why they were removed in the first place.



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