iOS 6's 'Do Not Disturb' Not Shutting Off Automatically on New Year's Day

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Some iOS 6 users who use Apple's scheduled "Do Not Disturb" feature may find that their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch hasn't automatically disabled the feature on New Year's morning.

    The issue was reported on Whirlpool forums as well as our own MacRumors forums. The "Do Not Disturb" feature silences calls, alerts and notifications when it is enabled. Users may optionally schedule "Do Not Disturb" to activate between specific hours. This allows you to automatically disable calls and notifications while you sleep.

    It's this scheduling feature that appears to be misbehaving on New Year's Day. MacRumors reader Spacesamurai posted about his experience:
    Spacesamurai's experience has been echoed by others, but not everyone.

    Apple has had other bugs in the past related to New Year's day. In years past, Apple has had issues with alarms not going off into the new year. Fortunately, the "Do Not Disturb" feature does not disable alarms set with Apple's built-in Clock app.

    Article Link: iOS 6's 'Do Not Disturb' Not Shutting Off Automatically on New Year's Day
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    Add that to the list....
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    Every... ****ing... Year...
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    Ahh, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
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    How have they not figured it out by now...
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    but seriously, happy new year guys
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    What a joke. It's all down hill from here.
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    it's apple's way of letting us stay up late and partying :D
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    whirlpool forums?


    happy new years guys. hope everyone has an awesome and safe night.
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    I'm in Singapore and I had no problems this morning. So I wouldn't say it's everyone.
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    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Time to drink my life away.
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    Lil Chillbil

    happy new year its uncle drunk uncle pete calling me at 3 am :p
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    Crap my DND is still on! It's 2:13pm already in HK.
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    The beginning of the end of the world as we know it. Hide yo wife, wide yo children!
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    Before someone says newyearsgate don't think about it.
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    Lil Chillbil

    newyearsgate :p
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    Year after year and Apple can't seem to figure out how to calendars and clocks to work together.
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    Why should DND automatically shut off on New Years anyway? :rolleyes:
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    it's not a bug, it's a feature; your iOS device wants you to hear all the 'happy new year' texts from your friends!
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    Perhaps part of the code that determines when to deactivate DND checks the year along with the time? Maybe the DND isn't turning off because it isn't finding 2012 in the date - and therefore would explain why it would work if you turn it off manually and then back on - since the 2013's match?

    That said, even with any other iOS issues, I refuse to believe that Apple is that sloppy... I hope.
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    Apple didn't want to silence the phone for the New Year. What with all the greeting calls and all...
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    It's nice to see all these trolls making a small issue look like the end of the world. Oh no!, "do not disturb" has ruined my New Years.
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    This isn't daylight saving time, (which, isn't all that hard to do), it's a year. When you consider it's a flagship part of iOS 6, it's quite sloppy on Apple's part.
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    What about just turning the "bleeping" thing off for the holidays, It won't kill you?

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