iOS 7 Beta 2 PUTS iPhone in DFU mode

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by DBZmusicboy01, Jun 24, 2013.

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    Don't update it if you don't have a Developers account

    a warning...
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    Except you are completely wrong.

    As much as I don't support people who shouldn't be installing iOS 7 doing so, don't go spreading garbage.

    And think about: With the prevalence of non-devs installing betas, Apple would be shooting themselves in the proverbial customer service foot by aggressively disabling devices.
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    So glad they've done this ... sick of coming on here and seeing non-devs saying, about a BETA 1 release "iOS 7 is rubbish because ... my Skype not working, it's lagging a bit, the text is overlapping." ... All very easy to sort and will be by public release - doesn't mean there's anything fundamentally wrong with the new OS!

    ... darn you got my hopes up! Still stand by my point though
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    Wrong sir
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    You'd just see "iOS 7 beta 2 put my phone in DFU mode, what do I do?" 100 times a day instead.
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    The only tangible solution would be to hang out in an actual developer's forum. I think there is probably only 5 or so actual devs in this iOS section.
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    Your username is relevant to the new ios 7 using 5 dots for full signal strength. Some kinda oracle? :cool:
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    Nonsense. It all worked out fine for me.
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    Thanks for the warning. My iPhone 5 is working perfectly fine.
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    We're closing this thread because it does seem that installing iOS 7 Beta 2 does not 'brick' your iDevice, and as such this discussion is no longer needed.
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