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iOS 7 final beta and GM release question

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by Vell843, Jun 23, 2013.

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    My friend is a developer and gave me a UDID slot so that I can test out iOS 7 beta. My question is once the GM is released after beta 4, will I just be able to update to GM OTA or will I have to update via iTunes like for beta 1?
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    Most likely it will be a physical(itunes) update from beta to GM as in the past.
  3. SirithX, Jun 23, 2013
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    The GMs are generally restore-only. If you wait for it to be in iTunes, then you can possibly upgrade, but otherwise there's not really any OTA option unless you revert back to iOS 6 and do an OTA when it's released to the general public.
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    The last version of iOS7 will be GM for developers and the same is equivalent to the version which will be out for public. So you wont have to do anyting, just keep updating the beta.

    Also even if you want to re-install the final version which comes out for public, you can download the firmware file and restore your phone via itunes.
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    OP why do you think there will only be 4 betas?
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    I was just saying. I have no clues how many betas there will be, it was just a guess.

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