iOS 7 Look and Feel In Flux

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by fmalloy, Jun 12, 2013.

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  1. fmalloy, Jun 12, 2013
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    These articles are quite telling:

    The feeling I get from the icons, typeface, etc. is that this is unfinished - a prototype that Apple rushed to show something at WWDC. I feel the icons are too simplistic, the thin default font too unreadable and too simple. Too many white backgrounds and simple colors. These are all placeholders.

    They just needed something to show off the features, without keeping the look-and-feel the same. It just had to look different...

    I hope - sincerely hope - that the current Beta UI look-and-feel will be polished and look much more like what we would expect from Apple come this fall.

    And given where it is today - fall is going to be quite late this year.
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    The article/video on the front page says that it is all a work in progress and we can expect it to change considerably by the time it hits GM.
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    Exactly. It even says the icons/colors were created by MARKETING!

    "First of all, many of the new icons were primarily designed by members of Apple’s marketing and communications department, not the app design teams."

    I cannot believe that the current look-and-feel is going to be iOS7. It's too rough, too childish, too simplistic. Like a bad Winterboard theme.

    For those of us who are unhappy, let's hope this all gets smoothed out in future Betas and in the fall release.
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    Its beta 1.
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    Totally new opinion. Thanks .
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    I suggest you get comfortable with it. While details will change this is basically the way it's going to be.
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    So your saying that things might change from Beta 1 to the full release. Damn, I wish I considered that.
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    Snippy, sarcastic comments aside, Apple does not normally show such unpolished interfaces during WWDC. Their software Betas have usually have UI elements fairly complete, and typically addresses functional/performance/reliability BUGS ONLY.

    A BETA is supposed to be ready for functionality/performance/reliability testing. An ALPHA often has incomplete UI elements.

    This is why the link was posted.


    The article links above state otherwise. Depends on what you mean by "details". If that means buttons/fonts/icons/etc. then yes they will change...we can certainly hope because what is out there is unpolished by far - way more than any previous iOS release, where the UI was fixed pretty well in the Betas.
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    Apple doesn't often release a major rework of its iOS. First time in seven years. You cannot assume there will not be changes this time around.
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    I mean the mimimal white interface with thin typography, blurred translucent panels, that kind of thing. Icons and button details will change but what you see is the overall style direction of iOS7 so get comfortable with that idea. iOS6 is not coming back and thank goodness.
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    People said the same thing about Maps. :rolleyes:
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    I DIDN'T assume there will not be changes - which is why I posted the article, which was written because it's out of character for Apple to show something so unpolished in WWDC. Many people are upset because of what they see in the Beta. This is why I posted the link.

    Oh, you don't understand, so forget it.
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