iOS 7 love and hate relationship.

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by Krissypantz2828, Sep 21, 2013.

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    My apple touch screen feels like a cheap android. You know the ones where you have to double tap things in order to get them open. I was really proud that Apple had a sensitive touch screen but not so much anymore. Unless it's dirt on my screen preventing me from properly using the phone I am not happy.

    For example from the home screen, pull up the control centre, tap somewhere other the the control centre to close it. I have to press twice sometimes in order for it to register.
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    Something must be wrong with your device. My control centre will retract with only one tap.
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    Hmm that's great. Where are you tapping? In the control centre?
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    Yes, the same happens on my iPad and it all has to do with how the animations work: you have to wait for them to finish before you can interact with the screen. In control center, you have to wait about 1 sec after you swiped up in order to close it down, otherwise it won't register the input (because there's an ever so slightly bouncy animation that has to finish). Same thing happens in Notification Center: try to swipe down and then quickly swipe up... it won't work in the first second or so. Kinda sucks.
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    You are absolutely right lol. Ok phew that means my phone isn't malfunctioning :) thanks man
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    I tap outside control centre as what you described. Btw i tested this on my mini and my i5..

    Edit: Actually i take back my words.. After reading tudy25's comment i realise yeah it will not register any tap if you were to close it straight away my bad...
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    That's all good. :)
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    Control center, Safari search bar and app navigation links are horrible. I often have to tap 3-4 times.

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