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iOS 7... not as sleek, looks like Android + Windows Phone

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by dhinged, Jun 11, 2013.

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    I like raised icons, glassy/metallic look, shading, gradients... this is all what made the iPhone's UI more beautiful than any others. It looked like the perfect cross between my world and its digital world. Now, I didn't like stitching or tape reels, but everybody goes a little overboard. I was hoping Jony Ive would clean it up but keep its sheen for the most part.

    The new iOS 7 just looks a little too flat, doesn't have enough contrast, too much empty space, and the icons are too simplified for Apple. I've always thought the Mac icons looked more advanced than anyone else's, including Windows 7's pathetic attempt at it. Now we're all going flat like paper. Yawn.

    Now that I look at it cloer, it really does look like a cross between modern Android and Windows Phone. It's got thin sharp lines and boxes where you type text, transparent backgrounds, looks a bit Tron-ish (in a sterile medical way), and then is flat and has too much space and not enough color palette, just like Windows Phone. Also, some of the fonts look just like Windows 8, including the fonts on Apple's own demo page of it! What?!

    Sorry, but having done a few designs myself, the iPhone looked a few changes away from being untouchable, but now I can see people choosing Android or Windows Phone over it even more.
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    Don't say sorry. I hope every single one of the icon whiners go with an Android / Windows phone instead to free these forums of lousy clutter :)
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    And they can't go soon enough.
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    You say people will be choosing Android or Windows, yet you say this is the negativity for what Apple is doing. Why would people switch to another OS if it's the same as what Apple's now got?
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    I said it looks like it, I didn't say it looks better. Android now looks better than iOS. Windows Phone... well, they just do flat better, lets put it that way.
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    because how long have they been doing flat? This is the first major change for iOS since iPhone #1. Give it time, it will evolve.
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    Apparently everybody here just loves the new look no matter what it is. Classy, developed, professional... nah; 1st-year design student... perfect! Go read the articles that show how iOS 7's design can be done in Microsoft Paint or Word.
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    Well, certainly not “everybody”. You will find opinion quite divided on these boards and other places. Truth is, every one will have their take on the look. What looks elegant to one will look simplistic to another. Some people like a desktop where all their files are placed; others have not a single icon on it.

    I don't know what you mean by “classy, developed, professional”; how do you define those in terms of the designs (or lack of in the designs)?

    A design being do-able in Paint or Word does not automatically make it bad. It just means the design is simple to reproduce.
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    So what's the need for a new thread?
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    So based on your "design" experience you have predicted a migration from apple to Android or Windows?
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    New thread?
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    You must have missed tons of threads disliking the iOS 7 design. I would say more than those liking it. Not sure how you might have missed them, but it seems like you have. That said, it's about a year later, so none of this is new or something that hasn't already been discussed hundreds of times and essentially beaten to death (on more than multiple occasions).

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