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iPhone iOS 7 on iPhone 4S

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by Mrg02d, Jun 12, 2013.

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    Hey guys, thought I would start a thread for the 4s SPECIFICALLY. I dont have iOS7, but do have a 4S. Could everyone that cares to give feedback please post it here? Im sure many of us would like to know how its running on the 4S so far.

    2)Animations/3D effects
    3)Missing features

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    No missing features what I can tell. Some animations lag but thats to be expected in a beta. Main issue that needs to be addressed from what I can tell is lock screen artwork when playing music. Looks fine on the fine but really messed up on the 4S.
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    How does the parallax effects perform? What areas are the parallax effects implemented? (Settings, mail, homescreens, ect.)
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    Only thing missing so far is airdrop
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    4S doesn't support AirDrop. Only the devices with the latest WiFi hardware.
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    I think it only works on the lock and home screens. It works, but I think it creates some lag. For now I turned it off.
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    I installed iOS 7 on my iPhone 4S last night and I think I'm going to revert back to the latest iOS 6. It's very laggy...which obviously is expected but I really don't have time for that.

    Apps freeze and close up...eBay for sure doesn't work. My simpsons game won't keep me logged in. When using instagram, the pics will often disappear and be replaced with a grey square.

    Battery life is terrible draining very quickly and charging takes forever too. Font overlaps in areas that are very inconvenient and make titles unreadable. I'm going to wait for the next beta release to give it a try but so far the only reason I would keep this version is because of the slide up menu that allows you to toggle between wifi and/or bluetooth and also to adjust the brightness.
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    How many here installed iOS7 as an upgrade vs new device?
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    I have ios 7 on the 4s and it works pretty good except for some animation issues to be expected. like the zooms don't always finish with some apps and there will be some of the background on the edge until it fixes.

    Also the backgrounding doesn't really worked and I kind of liked the old app switcher better. Although this could really be more of an issue with apps that aren't coded to freeze their state and resume but when you see the preview of apps in the switcher most of them are worhtless because when you go to the app it has to reload either because there wasnt enough memory to hold the app in suspend or the app doesnt support it.
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    How about the camera? Does it keep the camera in memory now? I hate waiting for the camera to load (3seconds). How about settings? I use the camera, settings, and imessages quite alot. Id love for those to stick in memory for quick opening.
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    By way of some balance, it must be noted that judging from posts around the net IOS 7 in its current beta 1 stage is also not perfect on the I5.
    I would think if APPLE can't make IOS 7 run smooth on a dual core A5 cpu, even with 512MB Ram, then would be a poor show. :D

    We still have a long way to go yet, with many betas to come :p
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    Load time for the camera on the 4S is a lot slower. A LOT slower. Trying to compare load times for a beta vs. released software is kind of silly, though.

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