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iOS 7 Social Media Integration

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by PatrickW98, Jan 13, 2013.

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    Hopefully iOS 7 will have more social media integration other than facebook and twitter.

    I'm hoping to see tumblr, instagram, and kik integration.

    What do you guys want to see?
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    I want to see...

    actually features being implemented into iOS.

    iOS 6 was pathetic.

    Fell asleep when Forstall talked about Facebook integration for 5 minutes.
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    Gross. No thanks.

    Instagram will be more rooted through Facebook in 2013 as they acquired them, and I really don't know if we need to start integrating EVERY social media network out there ...

    The solution is if a user downloads a specific app, the app should be able to share content within iOS like some apps can do already. Kind of how one can open a photo from the photo app in Dropbox if they have that app installed.

    Whatsapp>Kik and there are too many third party texting apps out there to integrate them all. Plus it would kill their app user base. Apples solution is already implemented: iMessage
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    A Hebrew


    I hope they remove social media integration from both iOS and OS X. They should just be normal apps you can get from the App Store. No built in stuff that just takes up more memory. (I also hope they add the ability to delete built in apps like Maps and Reminders...but that will never happen <_<)
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    The option of being able to select wether you want social media intergration when you set up the phone, and being able to toggle it on or off in the settings would be great :)
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    Cross Application sharing. Like what Android has. But it won't happen.
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    I think you can do that right now, whether or not Twitter or Facebook have access to an app. You can also disable the sharing center.
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    I'd like Google Plus added. Facebook has become so tiresome.
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    Why would Apple add their competitor to iOS? Although I will give you that Apple don't have their own Social networking but it is just free advertising.
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    iOS has this. You can open files through various apps on iOS now, such as photos or PDF, as long as the app you want to open the file in supports that format.

    We don't need mobile OS modification for this to happen.
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    Tim Cook: "Goodbye Google Maps... Hello Google Plus!" :cool:
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    I don't think it's likely either, but it would be nice. Adding Google plus wouldn't undermine iOS.
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    iOS barely has this, and not even a fraction to the extent of how its implemented in other OS's.

    Scroll down to the middle, he explains it perfectly:

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    Haha...For me, it was the tentpole of "Phone" Advancements. The fact that they made it a main feature baffles me. Current trend is that people are communicating less and less by voice and more by text/email; why Apple didn't add more useful features in messaging is beyond me!
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    Twitter is the only big social media outlet that doesn't have eyes on Apple, and as a result will definitely be in. Facebook are rumoured to be making a Facebook phone, so I'm sure Apple added them to their social side just because so many people were asking for it. Instagram won't be included, Kik won't be included, Vimeo won't be included.

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