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iPhone iOS 7 Summer Edition

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by apachemanz, Jun 13, 2013.

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    Like someone earlier mentioned, this sure looks like the Summer Edition of iOS, light airy with colorful bright bikinis.

    All this hue and cry can subside if Apple releases a few themes, calling the present iOS 7 as Summer, the others can be for example

    Winter theme, Autumn and Spring maybe.. one of them could be completely themed in 3d, the other

    glossy and glassy, like the Control Center could be themed out of Glass Panel...blah blah blah.

    Even the In-Call Menu could be themed, the current one sure looks like Windows 8.


    And the current multitasking panes are flat and edgy they can be curvy in another theme.

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    I don't like blatant nature-inspired design. No thanks.
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    I know, right? So unnatural.

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    Multitasking looks like Safari pages to me.

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    Good design is often inspired by nature, but it's subtle. It doesn't need to be a summer theme, or a water swirling effect (TouchWiz), or a ripple effect (WebOS). That's when things look gimmicky.

    The old MacBook Pro had several small LED indicators that would light up in a certain way when it was charging. It looked like calm and soothing, and Apple said later it was modeled after breathing. That's the subtlety I'm talking of.
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    That's exactly what I was trying to say... What's in a name anyway, they can name the themes by any name...the point is, iOS 7 NEEDS THEMES!!

    By the way the present iOS 7 is slowly growing on me, I'm loving it..except for the icons and In-call Menu.. but the more the merrier !
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    Well both of those example look awful.
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    Themes will never happen. It is a matter of focus. You can either create one good design or a bunch of mediocre designs.

    Also, managing multiple designs is a nightmare in the software world that leads to exchanges like this:

    User: I have a problem!
    Support: What theme are you running?
    User: What's a theme?
    Support: *sigh* What color is the status bar?
    User: The one at the bottom?
    Support: No, the one at the top
    User: Blue!
    Support: OK, can you navigate into Settings, set the theme to "Winter", and tell me if the same problem shows up?
    User: Where in Settings?
    Support: *Shoots self in head*

    Source: Working for a software company that used to support multiple themes and no longer does for the aforementioned reasons.
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    lol..even you have a point but what's themes got to do with the problem, all the functions are practically the same. anyway, maybe Apple could make just 2 themes to start with.
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    I'm Digging this...!

    I'm digging this, Its wonderful how just a wallpaper can theme the complete

    interface. Bravo Apple! They should have showed off this side of the Control

    Center with Red background..looks awesome! looks like that blurred steamed glass at the airports.


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