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iOS 7 vs iOS 6 icons chart

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by irDigital0l, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. irDigital0l, Jun 11, 2013
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    Ah, interesting.

    Apart from Reminders, Newsstand, Safari, Contacts and maybe Camera I do like the new icons.
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    i like the new icons pretty much! although i think they could have done a better job with the mail and the safari icon
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    Safari is the only one I don't like.
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    I like pretty much like all the icons except Safari. I never thought iOS 6 looked bad though.
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    Has anyone mentioned Find My Friends? That app still has the "leather" look.....or is it just from my back up?
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    Other than Game Center, a side-by-side comparison confirms that I think iOS 7 icons are better.

    FMF isn't updated.
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    Only the stock Apple apps were updated. I expect other Apple apps to be updated probably when iOS 7 releases in the fall.
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    Ah thank you. I must have missed that one. Just caught my eye after all this time lol.
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    Everything looks better now IMO.
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    It looks fine.

    You people need to stop whining.
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    The only one I dislike is Safari.
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    I'll get used to them. Once a jailbreak is released, I'll re-theme it anyway.
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    Has anyone seen that Helvetica documentary? One of those designers has an interview about everyone changing to Helvetica in ads and for their logos and says something like, "It must have felt like walking through the desert, your mouth caked with sand, and then someone handed you a tall glass of water." To be honest, a lot of iOS 7 feels that way for me.

    I just updated iOS 7 on my iPhone for about an hour and then switched back and I do feel as though iOS 6 is… I don't know… it's caked. I don't get the new photos and game center icon (doesn't matter, it'll be in a utilities folder), and notes looks a bit fisher price, but besides that… I kind of love all these new icons. They do look a bit overload all together with that colorful wallpaper, however.

    I'm just glad they changed the contacts icon. That old one is SO ugly.
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    i have a serious dislike for gme center, photos & safari icons.
    i guess its just me, i dunno.

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