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iOS 7: What To Expect (merged)

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by Squilly, Feb 4, 2013.

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    Well honestly that concept sounds ridiculous.

    The article is over a year old meaning people maybe thought this was in the works for iOS 6. This seems more of a concept for maybe a single app.

    Could you imagine trying to navigate their phone by turning around to view the "other side" of their "dashboard"

    You would have a bunch of people standing around spinning in circles and shaking their phones trying to navigate the UI.
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    They bought 16 patents. They must be taking something seriously.
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    I would be horrified if they ever implemented such a feature. People want efficiency and useful features, not this gimmick crap. Just like Apples 3D maps, it might look impressive but it's not that useful.
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    they also tried to patent a ceramic phone...but meh you see how that turned out
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    Like someone else on here recently mentioned, Apple will likely just tweak the UI of several of the native apps such as notes and reminders, add 2 or 3 new wallpapers and call iOS 7 a "Major" update. Or, they could surprise us with something unexpected: for example they could enable the ability to actually manage your contact groups, which would make iOS 7 worthy of an "innovative" update. OR, if they (gasp) add a toggles widget to the notification center , that would be on the level of "innovative and revolutionary: something that's never been done before". Who knows, with Forstall out and Ive in, Apple just might surprise us!
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    That's normal for Apple. They just patent stuff to protect their inventions. Doesn't mean that they'll use them at all.
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    First of all I expect almost everyone on this board will be disappointed and complain that there is nothing really new.

    I'm sure all IOS 7 design has been locked up for months now so anything in the press will be, at best, in 8
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    Feed Me

    As far as iOS 6 goes, it was pretty much a non-update from iOS 5. I can't even think of one thing that actually changed between iOS 5 and 6...

    oh wait, Maps.
    oh and they ruined the status bar with that weird flat blue thing.
    yup, that's about it.
    Passbook? I still don't know what that app is even for.

    From iOS 4 to 5, however, we saw much larger changes:
    - iCloud (iMessage, Mail, backups, reminders, notes, documents in the cloud, photo stream, etc etc etc)
    - Notifications revamp

    We also see similar big improvements from iOS 3 to 4:
    - WALLPAPERin'
    - AirPlay, AirPrint
    - Find my iPhone

    I really hope that iOS 7 will see a return to the more feature-rich and I daresay actually *useful* iOS upgrade pattern we're used to. I think we stand a good chance of this.
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    Fake multitasking*
    True multitasking is on the Note II. Weird blue flat thing?
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    Feed Me

    Uhhh... OK.


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    I got an email from Tim Cook, he said they are going retro for iOS 7 moving back to the features of the original iPhone.
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    "True multitasking" eh? :rolleyes: Who cares? How about "functional multitasking"...that's what matters after all. This is a mobile device with battery life requirements, and I've never once wished that I had "true" multitasking on my iPhone. Apple has taken the disadvantages out of it while retaining most of the advantages.
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    This times a million. I've never understood the argument for 'true' multi-tasking on a phone. As you said, battery life is a key requirement and Apple took a very calculated approach to their implementation of multi-tasking: all the benefits (e.g. apps resume from where you left off as far back in time as the RAM will allow, background audio and task completion etc.) with none of the detriments (e.g. horrifically reduced battery life, apps competing for memory due to no limits).

    In the end, my iPhone is a phone... a mobile device, my primary communicator, casual gaming device and so on. For the heavy stuff that requires true multi-tasking, I use my big, powerful device (my Mac).
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    What function do you get with "true mutli-tasking"?

    I've asked this question many times and never gotten an answer to what tasks people can practically do together that aren't already covered by "fake multi-tasking".

    I have gotten a few "You know you get true multi-tasking" so it must be better.

    I can think of few additional functions I'd like but none of them need free for multi-tasking. Most I think would be better for the user if the developers are made to think about what's important instead of giving them the easy out of the old stop-gap solution.
  16. Premium1, Feb 7, 2013
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    They bought patents meaning they didn't invent any of the things covered by these patents, or they would have already had the patents and not be buying these.
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    I have absolutely no idea what you just said. :p
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    And it's much worse, I think you mean inefficient multitasking is on the note 2.
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    I think by "multitasking" perhaps the poster meant something like:

    - Being able to tweet WHILST watching a film
    - Having 2 windows open at the same time
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    Yes, that.
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    Wow, you actually meant "WHILST?"

    Guess you nailed it, JaySoul.
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    Humans don't multitask well


    It's a myth. If you have two distinct apps on the screen you can really only focus your attention and your eyes on one at a time.

    Android has too many fluff features that are about selling sizzle and not delivering the steak.

    Computers, being designed by humans, largely function the same. They time slice and dispatch or queue tasks.
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    I want...

    A calculator in notes

    Opening side by side windows in landscape mode

    Ability to remove default apple apps (such as shares)

    Intelligent auto brightness

    More preferences to personalise OS (notes, contacts, app spacing)

    Go back to google maps
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    Ive is the real Steve Jobs successor! I have high hopes that this guy and Craig Federighi are going to repair the iOS 6 disaster, I can really see iOS 7 having all the goodies jailbreak gives you with the exception of themes but I can live with that
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    I think Apples multitasking works fine. But it should be easier. Now that I use a nexus 4 I realize how much faster it is to switch apps. I just hit a software button and a list of my recent apps opens with pictures of what state they're in. It sure beats double pressing a hardware button.

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