iOS 7's New Look Details Revealed

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by Jack Delgado, May 24, 2013.

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    Panoramic wallpapers, meh. If that is iCal then I like it. I'm excited to see the changes.
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    iOS 7 sounds very promising. I can't stand the current lockscreen...I think Windows Phone 8's lockscreen is more Apple than Apple's.
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    I agree, i liked the sound of what was written in the article about the lockscreen.
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    If that report has any ounce of truth to it, we may finally see setting toggles in IOS7...:eek:
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    A redesign is fine and dandy but we all want to see changes in functionality. Let us set third party apps as defaults. Let apps share with one another.
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    Black and white? I have faith in his design, but it also sounds like a more sterile and less lively OS.
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    wow, seems good.
    cant wait for iOS7, apple will bring out a great new design.
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    I think what they mean by black and white is the primary color palette of each app. For example the music app's primary color is white while the podcast's app primary color is black.

    What I think Jony Ive has done is to incorporate an application's native color into the color scheme as accents.

    Messages: We all know the messages app is green. That's how our eyes find the icon when scanning. Now imagine the messages app background becomes white and the arrows to go back and fourth inside the app have green highlights.

    Music: We all know the music app is orange. Now imagine the music app with white background and orange accents on the arrows and the bottom menu.

    Thats how I'm envisioning the changes. Notes app may be white with yellow accents. Calendar could be white with red accents. etc.
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    I'm a huge fan of that weather concept in the article.....add a little more functionality to it and that's a winner right there.

    Excited to see how iveOS evolves :D
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    sounds less fun
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    A lot of people didn't realize about this, so I'm glad you've explained it. If people want to see a concept for this:

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    themes, new lock screen, widget, WOW.
    can't wait for June 10th.
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    Maybe people don't like the particular color that is used? I mean, I imagine the reason why there's so much gray in OS X is because it is a more 'neutral' color. To suddenly have these single color themed apps with some color you don't like, doesn't exactly sound like a hit.

    I agree the concept pictures are nice, but can't help to worry I'll get annoyed at it after a while. Red color isn't exactly 'neutral'. And too much white up in your face might get annoying as well. It's just me though... While I agree iOS needs to be spiced up, I've been happy with their design/colors used so far.
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    Drunken Master

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    I agree totally although i think less is more with themes at least some color changes would be cool.
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    I think this concept is amazing! The lock screen and home screen look brilliant!
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    Totally agree on this one. Here's another concept that looks very plausible and absolutely brilliant (go through ALL the pages of comments, you'll see more):

    Here's an interesting find, although I don't expect Apple to change the dimensions of the icons:
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    That's exactly the beauty of his thought. By creating a marketplace for themes/customization, Apple can create a business and delight users with different tastes at the same time.
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    Drunken Master

    This concept seems dead-on so far.




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    I'm ok with this... it actually looks good.

    The question is: would OS X also reflect these changes? If not, apps on both platforms would look completely different (Notes, Reminders, Messages, Calendar, Contacts, etc.).

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