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Mobile OSs iOS and Jelly Bean (merged)

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by AustinIllini, Jun 27, 2012.


iOS 6 or Android 4.1?

  1. iOS 6

    176 vote(s)
  2. Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)

    162 vote(s)
  1. AustinIllini, Jun 27, 2012
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    There is a big thread about the Google keynote this morning, but i just want to focus on the new android OS version. With the big Google Announcement earlier today about Jelly Bean (link below), how Jelly Bean change your perception of iOS 6? What does the next gen iPhone need in order to be on the same plane? Do the current android features tempt you to try an android device out?

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    I didn't see anything special... maybe that Google now thing
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    Underwhelmed really.
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    Just like iOS 6...it was alright.

    Some cool new features, didn't get me really excited though.
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    I would never allow Google now to collect my personal information. :mad:
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    iOS by a landslide.

    iOS is already "butter smooth"

    All I need in the notification center is Twitter & FB and my notifications.

    Siri is still better
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    I'm going to reply to this thread, how some of the apple fan boys are replying to the GS3 vs. 4s threads;


    But in all seriousness, iOS 6 doesn;t really add too much to iOS5, whereas Jelly Bean doesn't add that much to ICS, hence 4.1 to 4.0. But if we must compare, I'd take JB 4.1 over iOS 6.


    Wait...so...your basing it off of 2 features, one of which will be equal in the next update? :rolleyes:
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    Unlike Apple, Google keeps their minor updates to X.1 releases. :p

    If this were 5.0, I would be disappointed, but nope, its 4.1, which fits the full changelog, which can be found here.


    And don't tell me you guys aren't jelly of these Jelly Bean notifications I'm about to install with the delta update that was just rolled out.

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    I'm more excited about JB for my GSM Nexus that IOS 6 for my IPad 3.

    It's like Google Christmas today. JB/Nexus tablet revealed and almost every Google app got updates and great UI improvements. The G+ and YouTube apps are really nice now.
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    At least Jelly Bean is 4.1

    iOS 6 should be 5.2
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    Truer words have never been spoken.
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    iOS 6 chops Jelly Bean up. JB is a bunch of surface stuff. iOS 6.0 is changing the way developers will deliver their UI in a more meaningful way.

    iOS got the UI responsiveness "correct" the first time and didn't have take 5 versions before it got rid of stutter.
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    So, how's iOS "changing the way developers will deliver their UI" and what in the holy name of titties does that mean anyway?

    So, just because JB will be buttery smooth, iOS6 chops it up? Great logic there.

    By simple feature comparison, JB runs circles around iOS.
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    Basically google finally admitted openly that android runs like ass. Kinda defies everyone that claims android never lags.
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    One of the few reasons android had slight stutter in some instances in due to the amount of processes android runs at one time compared to iOS. iOS is a locked down OS with virtually no customization stock so therefore of course it will be more streamlined, if only by a little bit.
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    A poll based on 2 products that are yet to be released, both which are sure to have a few surprises in store before then... especially iOS 6 where, outside 5 or so items, almost nothing is fully known.A poll based on 2 products that are yet to be released, both which are sure to have a few surprises in store before then- especially iOS 6 where, outside 5 or so items, almost nothing is fully known....

    Can't say I see the point of this.

    That said, the answer is easy since only one of the two will work on my current phone.
  18. onthecouchagain, Jun 27, 2012
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    Quite easily, Jelly Bean.

    Chrome Beta was already a better mobile browser than Safari, and it'll come out of beta now. The keyboard is getting Swiftkey-like predictions. There'll be offline dictation. Google Maps is getting better. Notifications is expandable. They'll add smoothness to an already very stable and smooth OS. Google Now is interesting. I think Google is doing the right thing; they already made a huge overhaul with ICS and brought it close to or on par with iOS, and now with JB, they're going to build upon that.

    At the same time, I'm not necessarily knocking iOS 6, but what Apple showed just didn't affect me the way I was hoping it would. It's great that dedicated iOS users will now get their own native Maps and Navigation system, but without any word on an improved keyboard (which so sorely needs to be updated) or improved Safari or improved Mail (when are we going to get full threaded messages?), iOS is beginning to show its age. The intentionally small incremental updates may work for some -- and again, kudos to you dedicated iOS-iPhone users -- but for others who want their phones to do more, it's becoming too frustrating to stick with iOS.
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    Apple announced 10 of the most major features already.

    I see a couple new things, but if your expecting tons of new OS features when they announce the iPhone '5', you'll probably be disappointed.

    People are hoping for an "iPhone 4S Siri announcement". The problem with that though is that Apple only put in the Siri announcement so people would by the iPhone 4S. Imagine if previous iPhones also game with Siri.

    It makes sense.

    I honestly think all the features that Apple announced is what iOS 6 will pretty much be. Any other features will probably be iPhone 5 exclusive.
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    iOS6 features = Google Android 1.0 features

    iOS5 notification center = Google Android 2.0 notifiction center

    iOS6 is a step up for developers, but feature wise for the consumer, it's a bunch of copying from Android.

    As for smoothness of the OS, GB 2.3.5 was smooth and ICS just gave Android a turbo boost on all mobile devices running that OS. My S3 in stock form is faster than a jailbroken and tweaked to the hilt iPhone 4s in every way.

    I, and many on here, use both Android and iOS on a daily basis. We have the experience to know which is faster. The iFaithful that spout baseless crap from only using an iPhone, have very little credibility.
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  22. SurferMan, Jun 27, 2012
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    That's such a played out response... sorry but my phone is every bit as smooth and fast as iOS, or at least how iOS used to be. Since after iOS5 I've noticed much more stutters and glitches here and there then before, even on the replacement 4S. Plus majority of my employee's have iPhones either provided by us or their own and we take care of service, I can say the "just works" argument is not accurate....

    Bingo, and my phones are jailbroken as well. I don't have a single issue as to lag, non smoothness and whatever else people on here like to post about. I too never cared for Android before and that was one of my excuses even with my limited experience of them. Then I get this phone last year on a whim and completely changed my mind. Smooth and fast stock, and wicked on the custom rom especially battery life during use.

    If I had all those bs issues, especially lag, I wouldn't have made my phone my primary over the 4S:rolleyes:

    I'll still upgrade to the next iPhone though, I don't have a problem using both, Just greatly prefer Android now. GF uses the 4S now for work. It's nice not being drunk off the koolaid like some on here and use both OSs.
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    Features hahah. Notice how Google wants to do EVERYTHING for people rather than do what a platform provider should do and just back up and let your apps do the hard work.

    Meanwhile Apple creates Auto Layout so that I can have a UI that tailors itself smartly. Great if I want to address portrait vs landscape or or even account for text in some languages that are longer/shorter than others.

    Apples Map has the ideal way to deal with Transit routes. Let the developers handle it rather than trying to funnel their hard work through a generic service (GTFS). Expect iOS Transit apps to be far better and more current

    iCloud for easy document sync.

    Accessibility settings that allow you to ensure that the child that is using the iPhone or iPad stays in the intended app

    It's not even close. Most of the people at Google I/O are press that oooh and ahhh over everything. WWDC is about delivering features that people can earn a living of of.

    No. It's because Google is a web company and doesn't understand how to deal with graphic and CPU pipelines. Apple's been doing it for decades with their OS and it shows. It's not about being locked down it's about knowing how to leverage threads and compute resources. Google is woefully outmatched here.


    LOL. You keep on believing that.
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    Come on, really?

    I think it's fair to say that's Google has progressed quite a bit since 1998 and are now more than just a "web company".

    I'm sure some of the 33,000 employees who have nothing to do with search would be pretty upset to hear they're redundant.

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