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iOS needs wallpaper cycling

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by cnev3, Jun 23, 2013.

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    Surely if OSX can have it, so can iOS.

    This sounds like a simple feature to integrate, and I don't see how it would be something that would compromise performance or battery life.

    I know its possible with Cydia, but i'm not interested in jailbreaking.

    I dont like waiting until im sick of a wallpaper before I change it manually, and to change it manually every day would be tiresome.

    Bring it Apple.
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    Dumb idea.
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    Sounds like you spend too much time on the home/lock screen :p If there was genuinely enough interest, Apple probably would have implemented it. But I don't think there is.
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    Faster to do manually, and doing so doesn't require anymore code or battery power.
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    "iOS needs wallpaper cycling"

    Replace with:

    "I want iOS to have wallpaper cycling"
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    Good idea. I'd use this. The rude responses people post on here never cease to amaze me.
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    I wouldn't say "need," but I'd use it if this feature were avaiable. So many beautiful wallpapers, so hard to pick just one! :D
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    I don't really have a desire for this feature, but it's incredible how rude people can be.
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    You change your wallpaper daily ? Damn.
    I have the default background all the time ( I'm a power user, I don't care about wallpapers, how the phone looks, scratches and so on )
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    It's just wallpaper, who cares? I haven't ever changed the stock wallpaper. It just doesn't matter.
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    We might be able to create our own dynamic wallpapers.
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    Yes... to you. Which is fine. It doesn't matter to me either but it obviously does to at least one person.

    If you really cannot contribute positively (or negatively if it's constructive) then why waste your time, and the time of everyone who reads this, in replying?
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    Why does every contribution have to be positive? I'd hate to think that Apple's software engineers are wasting time on such meaningless nonsense.

    It's just wallpaper, change it manually.
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    but apple spends lots of engineers time on things that are merely asthetic and nothing to do with performance. how much engineers time has been spent on changing the logos and app backgrounds to be less skeuomorphic or whatever the word is?

    personally, i would really like my background pic to change every day. ive no intention of going into settings to do this manually, and tbh this would take away the magic of it. its nice when your desktop on your computer changes to a pic you havent seen in ages, and it would be the same if it did so on the phone.

    given its such an easy feature to add, im surprised it isnt already there.
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    Actually I don't mind the idea on a Daily basis, provided I can select the wallpapers and not have it cycle through the lot. Most people wont use it, that's fine, but how many of the Phone features are used by everybody?
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    Sounds like a neat idea. While I think daily would be a bit much, maybe something like monthly or even weekly. Personally, I change my wallpaper to match the seasons of the year (so roughly 4-7 times). If I could set that up to change every 3 months, that would be ideal. I live in Boston, Ma so I'd get dramatically different looking wallpaper every time they would change.
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    It would a feature that I never use.
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    Agree that this would be a good addition. Granted its not 'needed' but plenty of people would use it.

    I love the 'who cares?' Response to wallpaper. What a daft question. It's fair to say the majority of computer/phone users deem it important since every device with a screen basically has this feature. The lack of scope of people beyond their own needs is embarrassing.
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    Wow, the robot responses of "don't give us any choices!" amaze me. How long were people clamoring for folders before we got them? How about even being able to set wallpapers at all? Cripes. Talk about tow the party line.

    Anyway, there's several JB apps that do this. Really nice. You drop half dozen images in it's folder and each time you hit the home pages you get a different image.


    The home page images changes with the time of day (morning, mid-day, dusk, evening, etc.). Very nice.

    ..and in before the obligatory "it'll drain your battery!". Not noticeable on my phones (three of which I've use these)
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    Interesting proposal. I never use that feature on my mac but I hear the iphone's battery life is already not that great, so how much of a hog would this be?
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    If its changing the background once a day it's fair to say its no hog at all surely? If you have it changing every few minutes that would be a bigger problem. Anyway. Can't imagine it would be any worse than having parallax wallpaper in iOS 7.
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    Why's it a dumb idea for iOS, but not for OSX?

    A lot of Cydia users would disagree.


    How can doing it manually be faster than automatic?
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    i dont use siri, therefore apple should completely remove it
    i dont use newstand, therefore apple should completely remove it
    i dont use itunes to download music, therefore apple should completely remove it

    do you see how stupid your logic is? just because you don't use it, doesn't mean it wouldn't be a neat feature for other people.
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    I said or constructively negative.

    Simply saying "Well *I* don't want it so it's stupid" is a stupid thing to say in and of itself.

    Try being polite, it won't kill you.

    "It's probably not a popularly desired feature" or "It would take up too much CPU" or whatever reason you think would mean Apple wouldn't introduce it. It's not an idiotic suggestion since they do it in OS X.

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