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IP print to HP printer under Jaguar

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by haikf, Nov 14, 2003.

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    I am trying to print to an HP LaserJet4 Plus on a LAN using IP print in Print Center under Jaguar 10.2.8.
    I tried all the IP addresses connected to my router without any success. I use IP address then select the model of my printer, use the queue name "lp". When I try to print, it never connects to the printer and quits. Using Apple Talk it prints ASCII stuff for few pages but it is unreadeable.
    I printed a test page but it does not give the IP address of the printer. How can I get this address?
    Why is Apple Talk printing junk?
    Any help is appreciated, I searched the forum but never found any good info for my problem.
    I also tried to install Gimp-Print but it did not help.

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    Re: IP print to HP printer under Jaguar

    If you print a test page, the IP-address will be included on the test page. You may use either IP printing or HP IP printing. I prefer HP IP printing because it allows me to name my printer, but both work.
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    This is the reason why I printed a test page, to get the IP address, but the information is not on the test page. This why I looked at all the IP addresses attached to my router and tried them all. When I tried printing to these addresses it did not work, could not connect, but I could ping them. I can print using on Windows PC but the cannot make it work with the Mac.
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    Perhaps, I was not clear. Your printer will print several different diagnostic pages. You have to select and print the one with the IP address. Heck, print them all and you will get the right one.

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