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iPad iPad 1 to iPad 4

Discussion in 'iPad' started by crazydawg807, Dec 2, 2012.

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    Last week I sold off my 1st gen ipad and bought an ipad 4. um, wow. HUGE difference. It is so fast, loads websites & apps so quickly and smoothly, screen looks beautifully. I've notice that I have been using my new ipad a lot more than my 1st gen ipad. I also love the smart cover, does a great job of protecting the screen and the back. Just thought I share my experience with you
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    Same here! 1 to a 4, fantastic portable powerhouse! The mini would have been a huge mistake for me, I think its a great concept but not mature yet...I made the right choice with the 4 :)
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    Definitely! I thought about the mini at first, but realized the 4 would be better for me. Faster chip, retina screen, and I store a lot of my textbooks on my ipad, so the small screen would make it harder to read. IMO, the 4 will allow me to skip a couple of generations if I want to.
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    I went from the iPad 1 to the iPad mini and I can see the speed difference immediately. Also the mini seems like the perfect size, fits my hands like a glove. With the iPad I was always having to prop it up on something while using it in bed. I'm happy with the switch so far!
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    I had the 1. It sat on the kitchen counter, ignored for about 3 months before we listed it on eBay. During that time the bride used it some in the hospital, while waiting to deliver. Maybe that was the wrong time for me to check out Apple for the first time...?

    The concept was solid, but we were completly lost.

    Today, she has the mini iPad, I have the 4, happily ever after.
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    Going from Ipad 1 to Ipad mini is like going from Ipad 1 to Ipad 2 but smaller and lighter.. feel cheaper. Ipad 4 would made much more sense of a real upgrade.

    Those saying the Ipad mini is easier to hold, you should have gotten a better case for Da Ipad. My Ipad 2 stick on my hand like glued on because my case has this small hole in the back you can insert your finger in for better grip.

    9.7 is perfect size.
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    Congrats, it's a beatutiful thing. In regards to the SmartCover, if you fold it in the triangle it makes holding it with one hand less fatiguing.
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    I too went from an iPad1 to 4 and agree that it feels a very nice upgrade. And like the 1 I feel I will keep this for a more upgrade cycles.

    Unless the revised iPad 5 will blow my mind but I imagine it will look similar to the mini/iPhone 5 and be 'thinner/lighter' as that seems to be the direction Apple are heading.

    Some kind of virtual bevel would be kool. Get that little bit more screen real estate but by not making the device physically bigger.
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    I upgraded from the original iPad (32GB wifi+3G) to an iPad 4 (32GB wifi) on Black Friday. I love the new screen and the faster processor! I thought I would miss having cellular connectivity, but I can always tether it to my iPhone5. I also picked up an Ultrathin Keyboard Cover.
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    Same here! Struggling to find a 'back' for the iPad that fits with the keyboard when docked. I don't really want to apply a skin...
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    I've seen a video where a Belkin Snap Shield fits in the keyboard's groove, I will give that a try eventhough the shield is for an iPad 3 (larger dock connector). :(
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    I have heard they are quite...fragile and crack easily though?
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    I've gone from iPad 2 to Mini to the 4. As much as I loved the size and weight of the mini, it really just felt like a smaller, cheaper iPad 2. I'm loving my 4. :apple:
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    I've gone ipad1 to ipad 4 too and would totally echo whats been said
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    Specs wise the CPU is probably anywhere from 10 to 20 times faster than the iPad 1. Enjoy, these several generation upgrades are the best kind.
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    Just remember, only two years from now everyone on here will be complaining that iOS 8 made the iPad 4 "unusable" and that it's painfully slow, and crashes all the time, but for just $500 you can get the iPad 8!
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    Did you get the Logitech ultrathin keyboard cover? I was looking at those, those look pretty nice


    This is one of the main reason why I bought the 64gb iPad 4 also. I do not plan on buying every single iPad, so this will allow me to skip some generations while still having a modern and useful product
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    I'm careful with my stuff, I keep it in a Targus Hughes folio. I bought a shield over my lunch hour; looks good so far, fingers crossed. Fits nicely with the UKC.

    I would have liked to have seen the other, similar keyboard covers in real life prior to buying the UKC: the Zagg Pro+ is quite nice (I love the backlit keyboard) as is the Adonits (?) keyboard and cover.
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    I'm thinking about jumping from 1 to 4 as well if I can justify the purchase...
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    From a 2009 CPU (single core Cortex A8 @ 1GHz) with 2009 graphics & 256MB RAM (=glorified big iPhone 3GS) to a 2012 Swift Core A6 with 1GB RAM and quad core graphics. Huge difference!!
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    You should! You'll notice a huge difference. I sold my iPad 1 to help offset the cost
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    here is an outline of the lengths in the growth of each generation iPad

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    ...said Steve. if Jobs had come out and said that a 12" tab was the only way to go, no doubt many would be on here spouting the same.

    9.7 is good, 7.9 is good. Neither is perfect. Both suit different requirements.

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