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iPad 2 cover received

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by froggie22, Mar 1, 2011.

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    I received a shipment of my iPad 1 covers yesterday but only just opened them up today to find that one of them looked like the early iPad 2 cases that had been pictured. It has the larger speaker down the bottom and camera hole in the back as well as the different shape. But no sd/other slot on the case.

    My guess is that they are just trying to 'accidentally' put them in orders so they can get rid of them before the launch.

    Heres a picture:


    Well I guess we only have to wait till tomorrow to see what it really looks like.

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    AWESOME. Maybe they've heard they'll be a quick launch after announcement as well and don't want to be a week behind Apple with cases.
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    Do we really think Mr. Generic Case Company has the inside scoop as to the new iPad design?
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    how many different case designs have we seen based on "leaked" specs? Multiple "generic case companies" have already manufactured hundreds of thousands of cases according to everyone from AppleInsider, to MR, to 9to5Mac. It's not surprising they'd ship them out within a day of the announcement. Apple has a 1 up usually in the case game because of how close to the vest they play it. Mr Generic Case Company is trying to keep up this year.
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    I'm not liking the look of that speaker in the bottom corner... No Thanks..
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    Unless they have some mysterious inside line there's zero chance they got the specs from Apple.
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    That's what I'm thinking. My bet is they don't want to be stuck trying to sell cases that don't fit so they are sneaking them in orders to try and get rid of them all before they get stuck with them.
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    All I can say is there is zero profit in manufactoring a part that can't be used. These case companies don't guess on where to put extra holes that may or may not be on an upcoming part. They get their info from apple.
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    However, Apple doesn't give out the information. So unless Mr. generic's uncle works at an Apple manufacturing facility and stole a device, this is not Apple-sourced.
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    don't you remember December and the alibaba incident? spec leak in china from someone within or close to parts manufacturers... it might all be BS but it's enough for companies to spend $ manufacturing cases based on those specs


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