iPad 2 Gelaskin Does Not Fit

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by shakeman0, Apr 26, 2011.

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    I'm having some issues with my Gelaskin for iPad 2... I purchased a custom Gelaskin (back only) and it is really long. It actually covers up the dock connector enough that I can't charge the iPad. I called Gelaskins and they sent me a replacement no questions asked. I just received my replacement and it has the exact same issue. I'll post some picks of when I line up all the button/connection ports correctly on the skin. It's pretty bad. I'm pretty positive that I have everything lined up correctly and evenly. I'll be giving them another call tomorrow and see what happens... Anyone else have this issue?



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    My custom GelaSkin fit perfectly. I have since switched to an iCarbon because I wanted my corners to be covered, but still that is very very odd.
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    Thanks for the reply. Hopefully Gelaskins will get it sorted out. Maybe my iPad is short! :eek:
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    Are you stretching it some how, when you are applying it?
  5. shakeman0, Apr 26, 2011
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    I don't believe so. I was worried that I may have done that with the first skin, but with the one I applied just now I lined it up on top and laid it down on the first try, so I didn't have to peel it back up and reapply or anything. It doesn't make much since how the skin could be that off though. I assume they are all machine cut.
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    That sucks and it's not normal.
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    I ordered two pre-designed one and one custom made one for myself and my friend and they all fitted. From the look at your pics it's definitely not normal. Must be something wrong with their machine. I don't think you've overstretched it or your ipad is short;)
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    Called Gelaskins. They are sending me the full body Eboy Tokyo (I just had the back) UPS shipping at no charge. Unbelievable customer service.
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    Same problem but front skin

    Hey Shakeman, I had the same problem as well and was googling forums to find out if others had the same issues. That's how I cam across your post haha. My back gelaskins fit perfectly fine, but the front gelaskins was just as oversized as your back one. If I lined up the gelaskins with the front camera holes perfectly, the gelaskins covered half of my home button at the bottom and hung over the edge of the ipad 2.

    I had a custom one created, so it seems more of a machine issue rather than a custom vs pre-made skin issue. I called customer service as well, and they mailed out another one also. I do admit, their customer service is amazing and they seem to stand by their work. I'm just hoping that my second front skin fits correctly. Sorry to hear about you having to get another one sent out, here's to hoping that it fits....third time's a charm. :D
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    Sorry to hear you are having the issue as well! I hope Gelaskins gets this all sorted out soon. I forgot to mention in my last post, but the representative told me that the sizing issue is unique to the custom skin. The skin I had before was one of there stock skin pictures, but I had it custom made so I could buy just the back. They said they are working on the sizing problem for the custom skins, but apparently the pre made skins don't have the issue, which is why they are sending me the full body pre made skin. Hopefully it works out!

    It seems bizarre that they would have size issues with the front and the back of the skin. It sounds like your problem is identical to mine though, and you are right. Third times the charm!
  11. davwin, May 12, 2011
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    I posted in another thread on this previously but, just found this one: I am having the same issue. Given that there are at least 3 of us with the same problem I'd say its Far more likely a machining issue than stretching or only with custom skins. Who knows though... In my case it was a pre-made skin (Dark Mutant) for both front and back and the back skin fit perfectly - no issues whatsoever on that one. The front bezel cover however was pretty far off. As Phi208 and others have said, if I place the skin so that the camera and proximity sensors are not covered then the Home button is partially covered and vice versa. It covers it enough that its actually a problem to get the button to register too :(

    I contacted Gelaskins and as most of you have said, their service has been outstanding; they sent out a replacement skin straight away. I received the replacement skin this past weekend but the front cover has the same issue. I was able to cut around the art in my case (due to the way the Dark Mutant front cover is laid out) and get this to fit with minimal overlap on the Home button but it is still not quite right.

    It does look cool cut out the way I have it so I can't complain much but, the Home button issue bothers me (OCD I guess)...

    some pics of mine for those interested:
    The Back Cover

    The Front Cover

    Close Up of the Home Button
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    Dark Mutant Wallpaper

    Hi davwin,

    Might be OOT here, but I noticed you mentioned you had the Dark Mutant gelaskins. I just bought mine, but I was unable to find the wallpaper to be downloaded from their site.

    Wondering would you be kind enough to share the wallpaper with me..?



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