iPad 2-Oxmoor Mall-Louisville, KY

Discussion in 'iPad Launch Meetups' started by RagingGoat, Mar 7, 2011.

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    I'll be getting there around noon. What time is everyone planning on getting there on launch day?
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    I'm considering making the drive there. It's about 2 1/2 hours away. I can guarantee I won't get there that early, though. :p What do you expect the turnout to be like?
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    I'm not really sure what to expect as far as turn out. The launch for the first iPad had a good turn out from the pics I've seen but I wasn't there. The only launch I've gone to at that store was the iPhone 4.
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    I've done every launch there of every iPhone and the iPad with the exception of the first iPhone. I have found that numbers are increasing as more and more people join the Apple family but if you get to the store two hours ahead of time if you don't mind waiting, you should be able to get one. Of course numbers of units depend on this but they are usually well stocked.

    For the iPhone 4 launch, they were lined up down to the end of the building and back around on the other side along the other stores. I would estimate at over 500 there for the iPhone 4 launch. I am going to guesstimate at less than 150 for the iPad 2 launch tomorrow. The iPhone started at $200, the iPad starts at $500. Although in my opinion, the $500 iPad is an awesome value, some of those people who bought the iPhone would not consider an iPad at $500 and up so I hope I am correct in my guess. I plan on showing up at about 3:30 pm after leaving work and hope to be one of the first 30 in line. I will be happy if that works out.

    I'll be the bald guy wearing green khaki cargo style pants watching a movie on my iPad 1. Feel free to say hi!
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    Lexington may be a better option for you and will probably have a shorter line.
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    I'll be the guy in khakis and a polo. I too will be playing around with my original iPad.

    Hopefully by getting there around noon, I'll be one of the first in line.
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    I remember you! I'm the guy who had his smoothie spilt. lol

    I'm going to get there around 1:00 hopefully. Very curious to know if a line has started yet.
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    update us when you get there!
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    I got here right around noon and I'm about 60th in line
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    Wow, 60th in line. That surprises me.
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    How many behind you? What's it look like now?
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    We plan on going. What's the line like now?
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    Rm.237, how you been?? Stay away from those smoothies this year ...ha. Right now there are at least 150 in line. I'm about 70 from the counts that have been going on and I am in right at Macy's before they split to the other side. Well above what I estimated it would be by the end of the day. I really hope Apple has enough to make everyone here happy.
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    Been good. Well, very good now that I got my iPad 2 in hand! I had to ditch on the Apple Store. Wife got hung up at work and didn't get home till 4:00. Went to Target out in Middletown and snagged one at 5:00. :D

    I did call the Apple Store to see if I stopped by for a Smart Cover if I had to wait in line and they said yes so I just ordered one online. Hope things went well there and I wish I could have been part of the madness!
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    On the hunt...

    Was out all day yesterday looking. Think there is any chance of finding one today??? Thanks!
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    Found a 32 gig today at bb. Still need one for wife. Anyone going to apple store in the morning?
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    I was at the Oxmoor Apple store this morning. They only got 8 32 gig WiFi units, nothing else. There were about 100 people in line, the first one having been there since about 5 AM. And I was number 30-something. From what I heard from the employees, they will be receiving more shipments every day but they don't know what kind, so I guess I'm lining up outside the mall doors at 5 AM tomorrow morning. Called something like 20 stores asking about iPad stock, no dice.

    Hoping for white 3G 64 gig. Don't really care whether it's AT&T or Verizon, I just want the 3G version so I get the GPS.

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