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iPad 2 Sleeve - advice needed

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by FireMario, Mar 30, 2011.

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    Hi all

    So being the proud owner of an iPad 2 since last Friday I've decided the route I want to take is smart cover + sleeve (when away from home).

    Really wanted to go for a red smart cover, but reading reports it sounds as though they scuff very quickly, so have ordered a blue smart cover.

    It's the sleeve that has me in the real dilemma. I wanted to go for something with character, but at the moment I'm torn between the reasonably priced Belkin sleeve and the Hard Candy Bubble sleeve

    Could anyone offer any advise as to which one to go for, or any other suggestions (with more character)?

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    I honestly believe the bubble sleeve may get annoying. It is also more bulky as I recall looking into that sleeve for my first iPad. I would go with the Belkin one. In the end kid, it is all about what you want and not what someone else tells you to buy.
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    you could be right. It does seem like it adds quite a bit of bulk. It's actually quite hard to gauge without seeing them both in person. Perhaps I should head off to an apple store :)
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    I got the Hard Candy Bubble sleeve the other day and it definitely adds bulk and is a lot heavier than your typical sleeve, but if you plan to throw your ipad in a bag and travel, then get the case. Here's a nice video review of it too.

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    There is a thread about a $5 sleeve from Amazon that has received great reviews.

    I would also look at the Case Crown sleeve.

    I am using their suede case as an interim holder as I am waiting on a moleskin-style case to arrive.
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    I love Colcasac sleeves. I just received mine about a week ago, and it goes everywhere with me. Interesting designs and good materials (hemp or cotton). I have the Zagora myself; black hemp with white fleece-ish material inside.

    Website is HERE. Appears down for maintenance right now, but I'm sure it'll be back soon :)
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  10. richlee111, Mar 30, 2011
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    I am using the Boq Boa Skin XS sleeve. I really like this one b/c it is thin, light, and is meant to just hold the iPad and nothing else. One side(gray), is a hard, cardboard like surface that you place the glass part of your iPad with in order to protect it. The other side is a stretchy, neoprene spandex material that should accomodate your smart cover as well.

    Link here on Amazon UK: http://ow.ly/4pCqh

    Oh, also, this is a very different and unique sleeve that has some character :)
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    I have this one also. I have tons of bags and sleeves. I like it also, but it provides a little less protection than some of the other ones being discussed.
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    I really want to get the iPad Wallet from Waterfield Designs; it looks great. Right now it says their orders are filled until April, so I don't know what shipping times are, but I love what I've seen about the product.

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