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iPad 2 + Smart Cover = Refrigerator Magnet?

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Mar 16, 2011.

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    I am NOT going to try this.
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    Oh HELL no!
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    Oh, cool. Great use - maybe keep recipes on there?

    Like a recipe for disaster!!!
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    better stick with the Velcro ;)
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    Dangerous move.

    While waiting in line at the SXSW pop-up Apple Store, an employee was walking up the line with a show model to let people handle before going in (it was Saturday after launch day) and the person in front of me in line held it up in a similar manner, which somehow resulted in the ipad detaching and crashing to the sidewalk where it tumbled another few feet before stopping. It came out of it with nary a scratch, fortunately. (I really have no idea how, it looked and sounded like a really bad fall)
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    Wow, won't it fall? Is it really safe opening and closing the fridge?:D
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    Charlie Sheen

    Pretty awesome. I think i'm not going to try that.
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    Soon to be seen in a follow up image on EpicFail!
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    Omg I am dying!! Lol!! Too funny! On a side note, gizmodo is reporting that a wifi ipad2 tethered to an iPhone uses the iPhones a-gps chip. That's great news for those who have iPhones and don't want to shell out $130 for the 3G version
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    Charlie Sheen

    More like a before and after. The first one is a win and the other one is fail
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    Scary! But you know, someone could sell a magnet bar that stays on the fridge and holds the iPad’s bottom edge, and then it MIGHT be pretty secure. Maybe.
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    Charlie Sheen

    And call it the istand and cgarge you $50 for it
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    It's obvious this is like the movies. The padded cushion is on the floor. ;)
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    Agreed. That will not have a happy ending.
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    LOL. Good one. Nice recipe!
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    Thank you, thank you. I'm here all week. Tip your Geniuses.
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    Some people dont even have their IP2's yet and this guy is clowining around with his. Fortunately I am not in that boat.

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    Someone needs to get in here with GarageBand on their iPad 2 so that we can get a "Ba-dum Chaaaaaaaaaaa" after each of the jokes.

    It's like open mic night in here. :D
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    I saw the picture and those where my exact thoughts! Even down to the capitalised HELL :D
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    Looks like an old fridge...
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    Generally, I like to keep magnets FAR AWAY from my electronic devices, especially those with a screen.

    Of course, ipad 2 has been designed to be used with special magnets in specific places. But I'd be concerned to keep all other magnets away from the ipad.
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    Recommend trying that with a Stainless Steel refrigerator. :D
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    Ha I only have stainless steel, no I won't try it lol

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