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iPad 2 SmartCover compatible Case

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by nishwanth, Jun 12, 2011.

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    May be there are multiple posts releated to this article... But I am really really interested in a Case that is compatible with my Smartcover for my iPad 2... I have been searching around everywhere... May be i did not search properly. Help is appreciated.
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    A some more help would be great. Do you want a clear case, one that makes it easy for the smart cover to come off, price range, etc.
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    I've found that using one of the Incipio Feather type cases (SmartC compatible) along with a smart cover is very nice.

    That's what i use. The Incipio is very nice as it makes the Smartcover more stable. However it's overpriced and leaves some exposed back (I don't know why they do that). But it's great as it's very light also, and fits well.

    I have another one of those type back cases that's also good. There are a number of them.

    Note: I also have a Vaja Libreto, but i like this above case arrangement much better. The Smartcover is a very good (half) a case :D
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    I've been using the Belkin snap case and absolutely love it. There's some reviews and user pics on the thread for it. link

    They are 29.99 and available locally at Best Buy or Target and online at Belkin.
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    Here's what I am using now:

    Macally BOOKSTAND2R


    However, my version supports the Smart Cover feature.
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    I got my iPad 2 last night and that is what I bought today and it is really nice. I will probably order a skin off of skinit.com soon to complement the clear back case.

    I am enjoying this back case though it has cut outs for everything and doesn't add any bulk really.
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    I guess you haven't read the main thread on that case. It seems a number of people are having issues with it.
  11. Sirius389, Jun 18, 2011
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    I guess I should look for that thread lol.

    Well I just ordered this: Speck SmartShell

    I have a Speck shell on my iPhone 4 and it works really well. If that works out when it gets here I will see about returning the belkin snap case to Best Buy or something.
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    Take the plunge and get the Speck Smartshell like I did. No one seems to have it, but it was a bargain at $25 through Amazon.
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    I have the Griff and it is excellent with the Smart Cover. I am considering ditching the smart cover though and going with the peil frama cinema case. However, as for a back protector that is compatible with the smart cover, the Griff is outstanding, a perfect fit in every way.
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    Griff if you like leather, CoverBuddy if you like a quality plastic shell that's also affordable.

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