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iPad 2 Wireless Security/Alarm

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Tyre, Jun 13, 2011.

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    My company has a lobby/waiting room with a litany of products which they have designed on display. We want to buy an iPad 2, install an app that describes the products, and let people in the waiting room walk around and learn about what they see.

    How should we keep it from disappearing? I'm imagining a little add-on or case with a chip that sets off an alarm when it leaves the room. Anything like that on the market? Obviously nothing with steel cables will do.
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    Hi Tyre, I'm actually locking for the same thing as you as we have a waiting area at work and we want to replace the newspapers for iPad's 2 but don't want to use Kensington locks as they look awful, did you find any solution to a wireless alarm (like sensors...)
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    The Apple stores do something like that. Visit one and talk to them about it.
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    Will go and ask but never seen anything like this in the uk apple store
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    I was in Chicago a week ago. That's where I saw it in the Apple store. I don't recall the setup when I was last in an Apple store here in Atlanta back in the summer, so I think it is relatively new.
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    Is it really a wireless ALARM?? I though they were connected to the USB charging port
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    I don't know. I was just recalling what I remembered seeing. That's why I suggested going to an Apple store and talking with them.

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