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iPad 4.2 beta netflix

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by lulla01, Oct 13, 2010.

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    Netflix stil crashes on iPad 4.2 newest beta
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    Phil A.

    I had problems with Cooliris Discover crashing on startup, but after I did a clean restore (I did an update first) it started working fine. It's possible that Netflix is the same (I don't know though as I'm in the UK and we don't have netflix over here). You do need to have your UDID registered to do a clean install though.
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    Netflix Fix

    Go into Settings, select Netflix under Apps, turn the "reset" to "on". Re-launch Netflix, enter your log in info. Bam. Fixed.

    I could not get Netflix to work under any of the betas until I did this, now it streams like a champ again.
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    I've tried this twice but it still won't work for me for some reason. Also did uninstall/ reinstall/ soft-reset. Oh well. I expected as much since I'm tinkering w/betas. I'll just wait until they offer an update.
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    I too tried all the above and nothing works it crashes to home screen right when the movie is About to start
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    Same here. If I reboot it will work one time, but if I then quit Netflix and come right back in it will quit right as it starts to play.
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    No go for me neither.
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    That's the great thing about multitask, you don't have to quit ;).

    With beta 1 and 2 - a power off and back on would get it to work for me. Until I quit the app, I'd just left it open. With 3 I haven't got it to work yet.
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    This trick fixed Netflix for me on Beta 3. Worked like a champ after resetting.
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    Guys, i have a question about the netflix program. Are u using it for iphone or ipad ? And is there a version for the ipad?
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    It's a universal app for the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad. The iPad app almost looks like the actual Netflix website but it is touch-friendly.
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    Anything else new in the newest Beta?
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    Its the phone flick application right ? And if so it is on the 1/5 of the screen. Its no use of it.
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    No, they are not talking about Phone Flicks. They are talking about the official Netflix streaming application that is universal and was out for the iPad first and then this summer for the iPhone.
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    Using 1.1.1 build 475443 (of the Netflix app), I'm now getting a crash every time I try to play a video on the iPad (using iOS 4.2 beta 3).

    Annoying as heck, but the multitasking and folders alone allow me to stop using Netflix until it works again :)

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