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iPad 4G LTE Data Plan Prices for AT&T and Verizon [Updated]

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Mar 7, 2012.

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    Apple's online store has slowed to a crawl with the traffic after the announcement of the 3rd generation iPad. Here are the data plan prices for AT&T and Verizon iPads on the 4G LTE network:


    Both AT&T and Verizon's data plans overlap in the 2GB an 5GB allotments and cost $30/mo and $50/mo respectively. Meanwhile, AT&T offers a lower end 250MB tier at $14.99/mo, while Verizon offers 10GB tier for $80/month. These are month-to-month no-contract plans like on the iPad 2.

    Update: Though these plans were taken from Apple's Online Store, AT&T has gotten in touch with us and pointed out that their $30 data plan actually offers 3GB/month of data, making AT&T's $30 plan a better deal than Verizon's.

    Update 2: Verizon has also reached out to remind us that the carrier offers a 1 GB plan priced at $20. It seems that Apple's site was offering some outdated or incorrect information on data plans when the store was first coming online. Apple's site is now showing the proper options, although Verizon also offers one additional plan not shown on Apple's site: 10 GB for $80.


    Article Link: iPad 4G LTE Data Plan Prices for AT&T and Verizon [Updated]
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    So with LTE we can hit the cap in under 15 minutes? Awesome!
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    Should be $30/mo for 3GB, not 2GB AT&T!
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    Typo - $80 for 10GB
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    10GB for $100?! 3 UK offers 10GB for £15 (although 3G only). Talk about a rip off!
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    ATT has LTE?? Oh yah in like 25 markets. :rolleyes:
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    Good to see the networks are still in bed with each other and have little incentive to lower prices.
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    4G LTE is redundant until Data Prices lower (well for the typical customer).
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    Yeah, iPad users are getting ripped off on AT&T. So iPhone users can have 3 GB for $30, but iPad users only get 2 GB?
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    They are pretty steep, but it means I can drop my hotspot feature on the iphone
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    You want to know what would have gotten me a LOT more fired up about "The New iPad" than a fancier display or faster processor? A cheaper and/or truly unlimited data plan and/or a lot more storage space.
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    $250mb for $15/month? What a ripoff. That'll take no time at all to hit on LTE speeds.
  13. jayhawk11, Mar 7, 2012
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    It would take 27 seconds to hit that at the maximum speed advertised.
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    Yea the only way I see myself getting an iPad with a radio in it is if I can share my dataplan with the iPad and not pay a premium.

    I don't use my iPad enough off of wifi to justify a separate charge.
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    Should be criminal to continue screwing consumers to this extent
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    I wonder where does that leave people who are still grandfathered under the unlimited plan that started with the iPad 1
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    If I were traveling for a month and could not rely on wifi connectivity, I could see the purchase of a $30, $50, or possibly $80 tier. Again, it'd have to be some scenario where wifi wasn't reliable or present.

    The nice thing is that these are month-to-month options. With my current iPad 3G, I use the baseline 250mb / mo plan as backup and I generally save money by just paying an overage. Unless I needed to view videos, I don't need the extra data.

    The higher tiers would be nice for folks who maybe want to upload photos or videos without Wifi, though. Surely some of the applications for this are not consumer– could be professional or point of service.
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    Can one move over prior AT&T iPad plans to the new iPad like they did for the iPad 2? In particular, can one move over the $30 grandfathered unlimited plan?
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    I just don't get it. Why would you even want a 250MB/month plan on an LTE connection? Seems like a waste. And the other caps seem to be so low for how fast data can purportedly be consumed.

    Why not offer more realistic caps like 5/10/15GB and make the prices $35/$75/$90? Then you are actually differentiating between 3G and true 4G service.
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    It seems like a rip-off, for sure. At least it's month to month, though. Meaning you can outright drop service when you don't need it. I use the vacation analogy. For maybe 10 months out of the year, you could pay $0 or a tiny $15 fee for emergencies. Then the one or two months you're away and need more 4G coverage, you pony up for $30 or $50. On average it's cheaper, you just need to be on top of things.
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    So you don't want a tablet. You'd rather have a laptop with wi-fi. I hear they come in several sizes. :rolleyes:
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    I exclusively use the $15 / 250mb plan on my iPad 1 3G. Why wouldn't I want more speed browsing websites and getting email? I'm not going to pay $35 to watch a video over 4G--- $5 to rent the video and $30 for the data plan. That's nuts.
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    I am sure it leaves them S.O.L. if they want to have the LTE connection.
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    Because AT&T and Verizon want as many people as possible to hit their caps. Means their plans start over quicker (date wise) or they pay overages (not sure how the other networks do it penalty wise).

    Why would either raise the data caps when consumers have little to no other options?

    I travel a good bit and need LTE. I don't watch movies but use my iPad for work information and research. I have hit 2gb's in the past without video streaming at all.

    It is an absolute joke that the ISP's put such a low amount when it is done for ZERO REASON other than wanting to get the ISP's as rich as possible
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    I understand the 250MB option on the 3G devices. And I understand the desire to download emails/webpages quicker. But just seems odd that they wouldn't differentiate more between the two levels (3g vs. 4g).

    Gotta wonder what will be the tipping point and when will it come?

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