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iPad and Laptop screening.

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by AJ.G, Oct 2, 2010.

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    i know there are some apps out there,
    like cloud wyse or something... that can use a wireless connection,
    to make the screen from your laptop/ pc, appear on you ipad.
    i wanna know some good apps,
    eg no lag, crashes, that work well.
    give your opinions!!:D

    btw... i have a hp mini 210 running win7 ultimate...
    if that changes anything? i dunno.

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    Search in the iPad applications forum - I know there are a few threads on it. I haven't used any so I can't help!
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    There are a few out there - but I use LogMeIn. It's fantastic!!!!! I paid $30 for it at the app store, but to me it's well worth it.
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    I use Splashtop, I can play games and stream movies with no lag at all and the set up took barely two minutes.

    It's cheap too, $10 or so.
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    +1. LogMeIn Ignition is great as is the entire LogMeIn product line. You can log into your computer from just a web browser.
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    I agree. Logmein is great!
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    I heard that you don't get any sound with logmein.
    So, for instance you wouldn't be able to watch hulu.

    Is that correct?
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    I use Mocha VNC to access the computers on my network from my iPad and iPhone. It works via screen sharing, and is frequently pretty handy. I don't think this is quite what you're looking for as I think you want access from outside your network, but I bring it up to address what your expectations may be. Even on my home network the refresh rate is slow enough that watching video (e.g. Hulu) doesn't really work. I would have to think it would be even slower over an Internet connection. Also, it doesn't give you sound (though others, such as LogMeIn might).

    Another thing to consider is that controlling a non-touch-based system through a touch interface may require some creative controls. For example, what would be "dragging" on your computer may be interpreted as scrolling on the iPad. They make it work (there are on-screen mode controls that you can use to toggle modes, for example), but the controls may be a little more awkward than you're expecting.

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