iPad app for clients to rate images, then email me a list of file names

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by slater-k, Dec 3, 2012.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I've been searching, and am up against a deadline, so i thought i'd ask!

    I want to be able to email a client a folder of jpegs, so that they can rate them on their iPad. So far so easy as lots of apps will do that. The problem is that once they've starred or 'favourited' their preferred images, i can't find an app that will simply email me a list of those file names, rather than send back an email that contains actual jpegs. Their final list will be in this case over 200, and so a list would be much much easier.

    Is there such an app out there?!

    Many thanks for any help.
  2. NeGRit0, Dec 3, 2012
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    Not sure about an app, but in the past I have just shared a Dropbox folder with said client and had them delete/move which ones they didnt want processed. Sorry, I know not exactly what you were looking for, but if nothing else comes by your deadline this will/could work.
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    Thanks for that - but they've got a bee in their bonnet about using an iPad, so maybe they'll just have to write out a list!
  4. Caliber26, Dec 3, 2012
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    You can upload those 200+ pictures to your Dropbox account and then have them install the Dropbox app on their iPad. You will probably have to create a new Dropbox account just for this purpose, since you will need to share your login/password info with them, so that they can delete any pictures they don't want to keep. This will automatically sync with the Dropbox folder on your computer, leaving you only with the ones they chose to keep. (just make sure to COPY the pictures onto the Dropbox folder because if you MOVE them to the folder, and they delete any pictures you might not be able to access those images again, should you need them for something later on)

    At the end of this job, you can change your login information and reuse the account with another client in the future.

    Since you probably only want a list of the files they kept/liked, you can easily sort your folder view to display nothing but the file names:

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    Yeah, that's a nice approach ... if i was to set up the folder as a shared folder, then they'd have access to that and it says here that they can delete images. What i've noticed is that they can also star images, but i don't think i can only filter out the images that they've starred. Starring would be better than deleting as then they could go back and check them out again / at a later date.

    Is there any way to rate files from within dropbox - or indeed get the images over into the camera roll in bulk?

    Incase anyone else is interested, i've found a few cool apps:
    PhotoMgrPro is a good editing app - and if i could get it to import from Dropbox i'd be practically there.
    Stickyalbums - fantastic way to put <40 images into an "app" that downloads to a person's iphone / iPad!
    My Proofs - client proofing based on Zenfolios. Had a quick go - seems rather complicated to me, which is a shame, because that's put me off.

    Also Shuttersnitch (which is just fantastic) does the rating part, but i can't get the images into it other than by camera.

  6. Caliber26, Dec 3, 2012
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    If they star an image, all that really does is save the file inside their Dropbox app for viewing when offline. You would have no way of seeing on your end which files were starred (aka: saved for offline viewing) and there's no way to rate images.

    If you don't want them deleting images what you can do is create subfolders which will give them the ability to categorize pictures. For example, you can create a folder for favorites, another folder for pictures they're unsure of, and and maybe another folder for pictures they absolutely don't want. The end result (on your end) is three folders with different categories of pictures. As far as I know, that's probably the closest you'll come to a rating system within the Dropbox app. The nice part is that the iOS app will allow them to select multiple files and move them simultaneously to another folder, so they won't have to move them one by one.
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    Sounds like the subfolders might be your best bet then. Also, if you "share" the folder with them you both would need your own Dropbox account, but both will have full read/write access to said folder and everything inside, including the subfolders.
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    If your client has iPhoto, they might be able to "beam" you the photos they like etc.... I'm trying to find a way to incorporate my iPad into my business. Kind of off subject, but if you meet with a person, I have my clients use the edit feature of iPhoto and say briefly what they want etc.. Like a 8x10 size photo is a 810, if you will. Hope this helps a bit and I'm keeping an eye on this thread for new ideas.
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    Yeah, thanks guys, that's top advice!

    Also, do check out Stickyalbums ... not right for this use, but it's a great idea none the less.


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