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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by rtabdo, Mar 27, 2010.

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    I didn't see anything decicated to iPad apps, so I figured why not start one.

    Here is one that just debut on Gizmodo:


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    Sleazy E

    looks pretty cool, i wonder how big of a file it is. I wish we could get a guage at how big apps will be for the iPad.
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    I hope the OP makes a list of them at the very top with all the additions from people. That'd make this thread very useful!
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    Tom G.

    On that iPad mixer app, I have a friend who has the iPhone version of it, and when you touch the "record" and slide it back and forth it works just as if you were a DJ doing it. Really cool.
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    We know Bento Filemaker is coming, Flight Control, Plants vs Zombies, the omnigroup apps... what else?
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    I'm suprised more developers aren't pimping their new iPad apps. Not sure why they wouldn't. Posting screenshots and even putting up a preview video on YouTube would certainly seem like a good way to build some hype.
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    As far as I know, the Dev's are still under NDA's. The fact we are seeing any screenshots of iPad apps is a violation.
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    Compile 'em all

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    wow, these apps are looking amazing! I really like that yahoo one. I'm getting very excited about this iPad!
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    Actually, this would be a violation of the NDA. Oops:

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    I especially enjoy the option in the preferences for Safari that allows you to keep the bookmarks on top all the time. By default they slide down when you click on the address bar.

    There's your iPad tip for the day!
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    From the looks of that macstories.com site (so far at least) Apps are ranging from as small as 4mb (Brushes) to 20mb (Yahoo! entertainment).

    I have to assume more in-depth programs or games will be larger.
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    Aside from maybe games, I don't think iPad apps will be that much larger. Most iPhone content is zoomable at a higher resolution anyway. Many apps use standard interface elements already built into the iPad, so larger sizes for those pieces are irrelevant. Even custom UI pieces wouldn't add much more than a webpage's worth of graphical content, which should only be a few megabytes at most. I would say something like a bird guide, comic book, or similar; that has a lot of built-in high resolution content will probably be larger. How much larger? Hard to tell, but my best guess is 30-40% more than their iPhone counterpart. These apps won't be as common as traditionally text-based content apps, and most apps that serve up video will be streaming it anyhow (see new Yahoo! app).
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    I've got 5.7GB of iPhone apps, mostly games... I do hope the iPad counterparts aren't too large, even double thats 11.4GB :p
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    Honestly, I'm more worried about storing all the content that I create with the apps. Between iWork, Brushes/Sketchbook, and some sort of image editor to enhance the RAW images imported with the camera connection kit, we could be looking at quite a bit of content. Lets hope that new file management system is implemented properly. I'd expect it to be fully functional by 4.0 at the latest.
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    Ah yeah, I won't be doing much of that. But raw photos can sure take a heck of a lot of space up.

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