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iPad Battery Flat With Little Use?

Discussion in 'iPad Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by DiScO197, Sep 19, 2010.

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    Hi Folks,

    Couldn't think of a better title, but last night I charged my ipad to 100%, used it for about 5 minutes (mail/safari) then left it alone till this morning. When I just went to switch it on it was completely flat showing me the red empty battery symbol. Never had that happen before, could it be a problem? any ideas?

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    You might want to check your apps. One or more may be draining it with frequent pushes. Also, how often do you have it set to check your email? I have mine set to manual, and I also have notifications turned off.

    All of these things can drain a battery even if you are not physically using the iPad.
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    If he went to bed with a full charge and woke up with zero, no mount of push activity can explain that. OP, sound like a battery problem. Repeat a charge and if recurs, replace iPad.
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    Hi, thanks. I'm pretty sure I've got all that switched off. I've been running it the same way since I got it and the first thing I do is turn push notifications etc off. I'll double check though. I always put mail to manual as I have always done with my iphone. It was very strange as normally they seem to go on forever especially after a full charge. Cheers.
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    That's what I was thinking eawmp1. It would take a lot to drain that battery from full and there aint no multitasking going on here yet! She's on charge again now so we'll see.
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    Restore via iTunes after a backup to see if it's software. Return for a new one if no improvement. Never heard of this problem before.
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    Yes, thanks caubeck. I think I'll try a restore when it's charged again.
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    sound advice. recharge, restore and reuse. if it goes down like that again you should go to Apple Store for exchange.
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    So I did a full charge and a restore and it hasn't died from full as of yet, but, yesterday I got the 20% left message so I switched it off, went back a couple of hours later and it was dead to the point I could not even get the red battery recharge symbol and had to plug it in to the 10W adapter which after about 5mins it gave the recharge sound and I was able to power it up. I had no apps running, all push, fetch, notifications etc are off. How long would you expect it to last @ 20%? I know that depends on what you are using the device for but sat unused you'd think there would be at least a drop of juice left? Can't be right can it? Seems to drain pretty quick overall. Thanks.
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    Go to a Apple Store and let them replace it. Don't bother yourself with possible solutions.

    And - this will be one more in the refurb store ;)
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    Sounds strange. Mine doesn't even drop one percentage over night.
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    Is there an easy way to check that no apps have push enabled, or do you have to go into each one and check manually?
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    Check notifications in Settings
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    Different question.

    Was it still connected to your computer when you went to bed? I find that if I leave my iPod connected overnight to my iMac, and the iMac goes into Sleep Mode, it absolutely hammers the battery on the iPod. Although that might be because I leave it in the Universal dock. I've never tried it without the dock.
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    Thank you

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