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iPad "Bumper"

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by mrzeve, Sep 17, 2010.

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    Looking for a case for the iPad that is pretty much exactly like the bumper for the iPhone that Apple makes. Anyone have a suggestion?

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    U trying to make calls off ur iPad?
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    I've been thinking about bumper cases myself after seeing the Zagg Leatherskins (link). They look so nice but I'd still want something to protect the edges from bumps.

    Has anyone with the Leatherskin tried a TPU case with most of the back cut away?

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    You'd probably be able to get it into a TPU case. I really don't know anything about Leatherskins (I don't like Zagg products), but there is enough give in TPU cases that there should be enoough room.
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    Thanks for looking and helping out guys. Still looking for one thats pretty much exactly like the iPhone one. Trying to get over all the ugly cases I've had lol.
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    We toyed with making an ipad bumper. However, it would serve no real purpose. It would provide no real protection against dropping and the reception issue that plagues the iphone 4 is a non issue.

    That being said, it would protect against dings. It would also give the ipad a lift and protect the screen and back from scratching.
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    LOL, thats exactly why I want one. I also think it would in fact help with drops. My bumper for my iPhone certainly does.
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    i have a full silicon case around my iPad - i dropped it on bricks and it still dinged it up. it would of hepled though. :)
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    Good option

    I Just ordered a bumper for my iPad at JR electronics. it's JR.com .It looks pretty nice. $32.00 with delivery. I like it because it raises the iPad off of the table and it says it's compatible with the IDock.

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    jr has pretty good deals
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    modulR ipad case

    Try these guys, the case is high impact rubber, and the four little post things coming out of the back are like an additional shock absorber. We saw a video of some guy throwing an ipad off a ladder like 30 times with one of these cases, and the ipad was fine. We ordered them 2 months ago for our department, have worked well for us!:cool:

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