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iPad Camera Connection Kit still out of Stock

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by chas0001, Jul 12, 2010.

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    Any ideas why the Camera connection Kit is still not available? You would have though that Apple would have got their act together by now.

    I ordered one on the Spanish Apple Store on 26th June and the estimated delivery date is the 17th August. Ridiculous. I wanted to take it on my holiday to Alaska the end of this month.
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    It is 3 weeks that I go up and down to any apple store in the silicon valley.. no one have a camera kit since.. since.. maybe since ever. C'mon I really need one.
    But the situation is even worse (if you not consider the central San Francisco , and the Santa Clara one.. ) they even not have any iPad protection case.

    If you try to ask they just respond you "Sold Out" .. I've bought my iPad in the San Mateo apple store and for the protection case I went to the San Francisco store, because all types of cases were sold out.

    if someone know a place in the peninsula were they have camera-kits plz let me know =)
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    Well, Apple has a lot of stocking problems to get things out. People want iPhones, they want iPads, they want Accessories.

    In terms of what seems to be the priority. They put main hardware sales above all else. Ok. That's fair. I can see the idea of priority for getting the hardware into everybody's hands above all else. That's a smart business decision.

    Then there are iPhone Accessories and the iPad cases. Definitely a strong 2nd in line. They are struggling to get them in stores, but they seem to make regular shipments of them. (Maybe not in your color, but options are arriving in stores and timely) Then there's the super *back at the end of the line* priority of the iPad Camera Connector Kits. Either the demand must be astounding, or they just aren't stepping up any production on them.

    I'm guessing for every iPad sold, 4+ Camera Connector Kits are being sold. That's my only guess as to why they take an unprecedented 2 months to get to people.
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    excuse me Foiden , but I really don't agree with your projections.
    I guess is more logically to think that every iPad sold, 1/2 or 1/3 Camera Kits are being sold (and that's an optimistic forecast). And same thing with the apple iPad case.

    I don't agree with you also on the Apple priorities lines: if you are an Apple staff, and you are telling me that is in this way OK ! , ...but if you are only guessing... it doesn't make a lot of sense. It's clear that apple is facing a real problem to respond to the products request world wide, but I don't think that the camera-kits come from the same production facilities of the iPads. I'm in the US for work , and am looking for a camera kit since a month.. but nothing. I mean a month!!!! It's just a simply USB<> SD plastic thing....they need to bring this stuff also in the stores. I remember years ago in Europe macbooks was never available during the launch dates... but now?! the italy Apple store is full of iPad cases and iPads, here in the silicon valley I need to sign on a list to have my iPad , and to have a case i need to go in San Francisco... i mean , the iPad was not launched yesterday!!!! now is time also for accessories.
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    Yikes UK store has ships in 4-6 weeks - guess I better order now for my hols in 7 weeks!!:eek:
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    I ordered mine June 27th ships August 10th :-(
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    Are Apple taking payment for the camera kits when you order or when they are about to ship?
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    If it's the same as their hardware, just before it ships
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    It is sad. It took mine 4 weeks from order to ship notification. Ordered 5/24 and shipped 6/17. I think at the time I ordered, it was a 3 to 5 week wait.
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    Ordered June 10th, shipped July 10th. At the time of the order, it was showing 4-6 weeks. It's been sitting in Hong Kong for a couple of days now and has an estimated arrival date of the 15th.

    They've been available on ebay for immediate shipment for between $60-70 USD. If we'd be traveling this month, I would've gone that route, but since time wasn't a real factor, I opted to order directly from Apple and wait. Some folks have had success by calling their local Apple store daily after deliveries are unpacked to see if any have arrived, so that's always an option if you have a store in your area.
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    Don't take me seriously on that. No really, some of my sarcasm really didn't translate well for me to receive all of this in response. The truth of the matter is that I can't come up with a good reason why the hold up is easily the greatest on the CCK. If it's not a priority thing, and it's not something ridiculous as selling a 3 to 1 ratio of CCK to iPads, I just have to shrug my shoulders.

    And believe me, I've been hitting the stores for one of those things since the Camera Kit was supposedly launched. Got nothing of it. After my first month of no luck, I decided to order mid-June. The wait was already into August. I still try to contact the stores, but nothing on that.

    I don't want to give the e-bayers the pleasure of my extra money. People want in on any possible legal extortion racket they can get their hands on, and I'd rather miss out than support them. So I'll make due without it, for my vacation. I'll have it, for my next one.
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    I mentioned more than a month ago that an Apple reseller of good repute had told me that Apple had pulled the CCK and was tweaking it because of its USB capabilities (that weren't intended to be used for anything other than the CCK). Who knows? That's as good an explanation as any...
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    :D:D me too !!!!!!!! c'mon apple!!
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    Well I gave in and went the ebay route. Cost $58! The only reason I succumbed is that I can off load photos from my camera when on vacation. Don't really like taking more than one memory card as I will no doubt loose one.

    Good little earner selling those on ebay. I wonder where they got them from :eek:
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    No it isn't. It's a false rumor. Newly delivered kits function exactly the same as ones from the initial batch. Verified with five kits in my company, latest delivered today.
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    The Keystone (Indianapolis) store had at least 15 in stock. Just picked up one today.
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    Call me the unluckiest person in the universe for getting this Kit. Tomorrow, I go on vacation, so I call today to see if they had the kit in stock (already had one on order with an August Ship date though I ordered early june). Yes, they got it in stock. So I told him if they can hold one for an hour. They said, it should be definitely here then. So I drive all the way from my place (1/2 drive), but by the time I get there, they sold them all out. So I just wasted the gas because there's no store closer to me than that.

    What sucks is that I bet that there's people literally waiting in bushes to spring out and buy the kits like crazy.

    In the back of my mind, it's saying, "Ebayers should die. You never had any intention to use those things."

    Still, I can't compete with that. So the moral of the story is to seriously DEMAND they hold you one if they come in. Because demanding a closer apple store is probably ridiculous. If all these people don't work, how do they afford jumping at Apple stores to buy this at all times? It's also a shame that one store was the ONLY store in Maryland to get them in, in like ever.

    If you have one, consider yourself lucky. I'd sooner get my hands on plutonium than one of those things.
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    I walked into my local Apple Store today in Australia for a quick look around, and to my surprise there were 3 camera connection kits hanging with the accessories. I pounced on it, and bought it :) And I can confirm that nothing has changed too, I can still use the USB connector with a USB. Dunno, why they had them in stock, but I'm thankful :)
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    Picked on up on eBay.
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    I did not really have a choice but to go the ebay route as I needed it soon. Unfortunately there are no Apple Stores in Spain, apart from the online one, and resellers don't seem to get the stock of 'newish' items for months.
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    I need to order one....

    OK, i just got in line. They said they only do a $1 pre-auth charge and I can deal with that this week. I swear, if this divorce mess isn't over soon i'm going to scream.
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    I'll be in Alicante next month, I can try to pick one up for you if you want. Just got one at Manhattan Beach Apple store
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    They authorized not only the $1, but another $1 AND the full amount.

    Great. I'm screwed..... thanks "Peter" for lying and didn't i just see Steve say, "We care about all our customers."

    HA. Add this to the list of my issues..... then i just got passed around to iPhone sales and someone else before someone would take my call....

    ETA: I'm having sooo much fun on hold with Apple, maybe i should call on my TimeCapsule next. UGH.

    ETA2: Kudos to Beatrice and Alisha for working to get the pre-auth dropped for me! They have to fax something to the bank, but they showed me someone at Apple does care still!!!
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    Funny thing is the SD car reader is picky will not do micro SD cards and some othe regular SD cards pops up this device is not working. Yada yada yada....

    Google it many are having the same problem.
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    Yea, I need one of those too.

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