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iPad Capacity - Recommendations?

Discussion in 'iPad Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by Lancer X, Sep 29, 2010.

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    I'm trying to decide which capacity wifi iPad to purchase. Are any of you finding that the 16 Gb capacity is too restrictive?
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    It depends how much content you want to carry with you. I stream most of my content from my Mac so 16gb is ok for me.
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    This is pretty much the deciding factor.

    I bought the 32Gb wifi as I didn't need 3G on it and as the 1st gen device I didn't want to get the full 64Gb.

    I too have been streaming a mostly to the device using Zumocast. At first I would convert movies etc and sync them with iTunes but that was just too time consuming and cumbersome. If I intend to travel with the iPad I will load stuff onto it but otherwise, I only use about a third of the current 32Gb capacity.

    So it's pretty much going to come down to you deciding based on your usage habits.
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    Usage case is key. My iPad is my primary computer so I got the 64GB. I have ogre 20GB of office-type docs alone, plus music, movies, etc.

    The other approach to the questions is to simply purchase as much storage as you can afford...
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    Mr Kram

    you can never have too much space. you can work with less, but it's nice to have options. zumocast, air video and such are great, but you can eat up data very quickly over 3g.
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    Sorry, I guess my question was pretty open-ended.

    I have a strong, fast 802.11n wifi connection at home, and both an iMac and a separate NAS drive that can host video. So, the only time I'd be putting video on it might be a couple movies for a business flight, etc.

    If I'm only purchasing apps, carrying around a handful of PDF documents, and maybe a movie or two, does it sound like 16 Gb will be sufficient for me?

    As another poster stated, I fully expect to jump on the 2.0 model when it launches, and would rather get a lower-end unit for now.
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    Yeah, to me it sounds like 16GB would be fine for you. You'd still have room for hours and hours of video.
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    Mr Kram

    looks like you answered your own question...
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    In your case, 16GB will be fine.
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    Thanks, guys!
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    A two-hour movie purchased from iTunes is about 2GB each. PDFs, well, the largest PDF file I have is 220MB, and it's an encyclopedia that's 12,000 pages long. :eek: Apps can vary in size, but again, they are measured in MBs. Largest app I have is around 500MB, but most are under 50MB, and quite a few are under 10MB. You don't mention whether you plan to put on any music. Again, size is variable, but well, a random playlist of 25 songs in my iTunes is clocking in at around 200MB.
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    I do that as well. With airvideo or plex you can stream unconverted video that converts on the fly from your Mac. I am toying with the idea of using the camera connection kit to hold more video if I need more content on-the-go.
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    I have 16 GB and keep about 4.3 GB free. Most of the space is taken up with music and pictures so if need be I could delete those. I just make sure to delete apps that I don't find useful or ones I end up not using and try to keep around 4 GB free.
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    32GB is perfect for me, I got lot of music and videos, I keep several of my Podcast in there and now that VLC is out, I keep most of my videos in there as well.
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    The camera kit makes for easy expansion of storage space or you can also get an AirStash.
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    Yet to fill my 16gb here.
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    Since you are going with wifi, I would definitely get at least 32 GB. It will give you more options of media to store so you can keep yourself occupied if you are out somewhere without a connection. I keep about 15 GB of movies on mine and when I am out of the house, I like being able to have options.
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    It sounds fine, but that is what you plan to put on your iPad. Maybe, later on, you want tonputnon more and other stuff and than 16 GB might not be enough. You can't expand iPad's capacity: think carefully because you can't just change it. If I were you, I'd go for the 32 GB model ;)
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    The hard part is anticipating what's coming in the App world. I have 7GB+ of apps alone on my 32GB iPad.
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    I have some movies that are 8GB in size. I don't put many on as I like to stream as well but even a couple movies can take up space. But if you're getting the 2.0 next year, might as well go with 16. But doesn't the 16 become less just by default, from the software it needs to run? My 64GB, clean and wiped only gets about 59GB.
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    Yep. 32 GB is actually 29 GB and 16 GB is like 14 GB.
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    Mr Kram

    bottom line is that 16 is sufficient for the specific parameters he set forth. ideally, if you can afford the best, it doesn't hurt.
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    As I pointed out, it's not difficult to accumulate 7GB of apps (The Elements, while atypical, is 1.7GB), so given that his "specific parameters" include applications he may want to take that into consideration.
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    Mr Kram

    yes, you're right. if the OP is going to accumulate many apps over 1GB, sync movies that are over 4GB and store 500,000 page, color PDF's, he/she should definitely consider more space.
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    I only have the one "giant" app but I'm still at 7GB+ of apps. Stuff adds up quickly. Magazine content is getting increasingly large so it's not unusual to have 4 or 5 magazines adding up to 1GB. I don't store videos on my iPad, I just load a few at a time and then refill with new content. Even then I know that 16GB would be too limiting.

    The OP can control only so much by keeping his media and docs at a minimum. It's tough to anticipate your app needs over time, so saying 16GB is fine today is possibly short-sighted in that respect.

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